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  • An outstanding range of products that includes oils, edibles, cosmetics, CBD vaping, and even merchandise (hoodies, tote bags, mugs, etc.)
  • The website has an outlet section where selected products are always on sale
  • Fantastic customer service and social media presence


  • Even though the website claims all their products are tested, there is no evidence of that
  • Their official website focuses solely on their products and it does not have an educational section about CBD and how to use it

Love Hemp Review – One of the largest producers and retailers of CBD goods in the UK.

The brand was created only a few years ago, but since then it has managed to establish itself as a fierce competitor on the CBD market.

This Love Hemp review will put that to the test.

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At A Glance:

Love Hemp was created in 2015 by Londoners Tony Calamita and Thomas Rowland. They sensed the market needed a high-quality brand of CBD products and set out to provide exactly that. 

One of the main focuses of the Love Hemp Group has been the idea of continuously developing new products that contain CBD, as well as maintaining the high standard of quality for their existing lines.

And that’s not all that’s interesting about Love Hemp:

  • Love Hemp claims to be the first brand in the UK to create spring water infused with CBD as well as a face mask and a body salve that contain CBD.
  • The brand was mentioned in The Independent, The Times, The Sunday Times, and The Daily Telegraph as a wellbeing brand you need to watch. 
  • One of the creators of the brand, Tony Calamita, was invited at the London Food Tech Week to give a YFood Talk in 2019.

Seeing as Love Hemp is a company that has a lot to offer, you might be tempted to order some of their CBD products. Here is the love hemp CBD review of what you need to know.

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Love Hemp CBD Strengths

Love Hemp review

This Love Hemp review would not be accurate if we did not list the pros and cons of the brand. So let’s start with its strengths. 

Of course, the main thing that should attract you to choose Love Hemp is the wide selection of products they offer. The brand sells CBD oils, edibles, products for vaping, as well as cosmetics.

This means that every type of CBD consumer and buyer will be catered for, no matter what they are looking for or what their preferences are when it comes to CBD.

Speaking of their wide product range, you might also be happy to find out that Love Hemp is one of the very few brands that provides customised merchandise as well. In other words, you can order baseball caps, tote bags, mugs, and hoodies with the brand’s logo.

Another strength, from the point of view of this Love Hemp review is that this is not just an online store. Of course, you can order all your goodies online, if this is your preferred method.

However, Love Hemp has tens of brick and mortar presences all over Britain in case you want to visit them personally.

Their customer service is something that the company is proud of. You have a variety of ways to get in touch with Love Hemp should you have any questions.

You can call them directly from Monday to Friday during business hours, you can use the form on their website, you can email them, message them on WhatsApp or DM them on Instagram. 

Shoppers and CBD lovers alike might also enjoy the fact that the Love Hemp official website hosts a permanent Outlet section.

If you visit it, you will find different products on sale, some of them costing three times less than their original price. We recommend you check the section as often as possible for updated information on prices.

Love Hemp CBD Weaknesses

As you might have expected from reading the Love Hemp review so far, there aren’t that many weaknesses one can list about this brand.

However, in order to be objective, here is what we found. In spite of the brand claiming all their CBD products are tested by an independent third party, there is no record of that on their official website.

Still, this doesn’t mean the lab results don’t exist. Merely that it would be a great idea if the company displayed them on the website for better transparency.

At the same time, their official website tends to focus only on the products themselves. There is very little information about anything else. The website does not support a blog or an FAQ section where shoppers could read more about CBD or get educated on this topic.

Products Available

Since Love Hemp offers a wide and varied product range, we won’t be able to touch upon all their items in this Love Hemp review. However, here are some details about the spotlights of their collections.

Love Hemp CBD Oils

Love Hemp CBD oils

Here the love hemp oil reviews. Love Hemp CBD Oil 100 ml is the brand’s best seller when it comes to oils, as per their own statement. It comes in an XL 100ml bottle that packs no less than 10 000 mg of CBD. That means it’s a 10% strength CBD oil. 

You can order the Love Hemp CBD oil either in coconut flavour or in the classic hemp flavour. According to the brand, the coconut one is faster in action than the hemp because the carrier oil is coconut. 

Love Hemp UK also states that this is the best value for money hemp oil on the market in the UK. The reason is the fact that, since it comes in a 100ml bottle, it can last for months. However, they don’t specify how long it can actually last if you take their recommended dose of 10 drops under the tongue 4 times per day.

This Love Hemp CBD Oil retails for £399.99. That sounds a lot but remember, this is a 100ml bottle so you’re getting 10x as much as what’s in their 10ml bottle (which retails for £49.99).

Love Hemp CBD Edibles

Love Hemp CBD edibles

When it comes to CBD edibles, Love Hemp offers a wide selection that includes Vegan and Sugar Free Jelly Domes, Sugar Free CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Dark Chocolate Bites, CBD Infused Water, and CBD Malt Chocolate Bites.

The prices in this section range from £1.99 for CBD water to £14.99 for a pack of CBD Chocolate Bites. You have the option of purchasing a single bottle of water or a 12 pack.

The chocolate bites come in different CBD strengths that range from 20mg to 200mg. While the CBD gummy bears can be purchased in packs that range from 40 pieces to 200 pieces.

Love Hemp CBD Cosmetics

Love Hemp CBD cosmetics

At this point in time, the Love Hemp cosmetics line is not very big, although it is a great thing that they sell skin care products to begin with. 

You can purchase a Love Hemp CBD Body Salve that costs £29.99 and is infused with 300mg of CBD. The jar is 50ml and also has essential oils such as Geranium, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosehip, and more.

The other product you can try is a Love Hemp CBD Cellulose Fibre Mask that is also nano-emulsified. It is currently on sale for £6.99, down from £9.99.

Love Hemp CBD Vaping

Love Hemp CBD vaping

The brand delivers when it comes to CBD vaping as well, catering to this need with a wide selection of products.

For example, you can choose between the following: CBD Infused Liquid that ranges between 50mg and 300mg of CBD, comes in 5 flavours, the price beginning at £9.99, Terpene Infused CBD Crystals that cost £22.99, CBD Isolate, the price starting at £7.49, Liquid Terpenes, retailing for £14.99, but also a Kanger K-Pin Mini Electronic Cigarette Kit which costs £24.99.

Love Hemp Reviews

I’ve been using this for over a week & have noticed I am getting more restful sleep. I have had severe sleep anxiety for numerous years on & off but most nights. It seems to be working very well at the moment. I feel a lot more chilled out & focussed.

Callum Leak via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Since receiving the love hemp cbd oil within 2/3 hours of 7 drops under my tongue twice daily I feel calm and my sleep pattern has dramatically improved. I dont feel any pain in my knee as this was the reason I brought it. I will definitely keep up with using this product.

Lisa Piercy via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Is Love Hemp CBD Safe?

Unlike other producers and retailers of CBD products, Love Hemp does not have a disclaimer on their website.

Nonetheless, we urge you not to use any of these or any CBD products in general as a cure for an illness you might have, if you are pregnant, nursing, or under 18. Please discuss with your physician the best way to include these supplements into your diet.

Love Hemp is a trusted brand that has been featured in many respected publications and which aims to deliver high-quality products. You can feel safe ordering their products and for your satisfaction, you can see the love hemp reviews.

Love Hemp Discount Code

Love Hemp CBD outlet

The brand offers you 10% off your first order if you subscribe. They also have an Outlet section on their website where selected products are always on sale. Check their website for updated info on sales and prices.

Love Hemp Review – Summary

The end of the Love Hemp review requires some conclusions on our part. Does the brand stand up to all the hype? 

Yes, it does. They offer a wide range of products that will be able to satisfy every type of customer out there, whether you’re looking for oils, edibles, vaping liquid, or CBD chocolate bites.

Of course, they could do with an improvement of the website so that it can offer more info on CBD, but overall, Love Hemp is one of the best CBD brands in the UK.

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