Compared: The Best CBD Oil UK

Compared: The Best CBD Oil UK
To say that CBD has become a trend in the past few years is an understatement. Finding the best CBD oil UK has never been more difficult.

Since its benefits have reached a wide audience and a mass-market status, CBD has made its way into everything from supplements to skin care and even makeup. But this gigantic market infusion can be confusing, especially for beginners who are just looking for the best CBD oil UK has to offer.

So here is a comprehensive review of the best CBD oils you can find in the UK as well as some much-needed information on the CBD industry and the usage of CBD in itself.

The Best CBD Oil UK Reviewed

CBD BrandProduct NameCBD QualityStrengthCost For 10mlBuy Now

40% Gold Edition

Outstanding40%£259.99Check Stock
Blessed CBD Reviews1000mg Oil DropsExcellent10%£74.99Check Stock
Provacan Reviews1200mg CBD OilExcellent12%£69.99Check Stock
dr-ed-cbd-reviewCALM CBD Oil For StressExcellent10%£79.99Check Stock
Biopurus CBD1000mg 10% CBD OilExcellent10%£69.90Check Stock
Love CBDEntourage OilGreat10%£129.99 (20ml)Check Stock
Love Hemp20% CBD OilGreat20%£99.99Check Stock
cbd-armour-reviewSilver OilGood10%£30.00Check Stock
CBII CBD Reviews500mg OilGood5%£59.00Check Stock

Here is our list of the best CBD oils you can find on the British market in 2020, reviewed for your benefit, alongside an objective pros and cons list. 

#1: 1CBD 40% Gold Edition Pure Hemp CBD Oil

best CBD Oil UK

The reason why this ranks number one on our list of the best CBD oil UK has to offer at the present moment is simple enough. The 1CBD Gold Edition oil has the highest CBD strength an oil can provide in 2020 in Britain, according to the law.

This is a full spectrum hemp oil with a whopping 40% strength CBD wise. Therefore, the recommended dosage for this product is 2 to 6 drops, a maximum of four times per day. 

As you may have already expected, the 1CBD Gold Edition Pure Hemp Oil is vegan friendly, gluten free, THC free, and organic. A single drop of oil has approximately 20mg of CBD.

The oil in itself is made from hand-picked extracts that have been sourced from some of the best hemp fields outside Colorado, in the United States. Apart from that, the oil has natural terpenes, cannabinoids, and amino acids that enrich it and make it superior to other brands on the market.

If you are intent on purchasing the 1CBD oil, you can have three options – bottles that come in 1ml, 5ml, and 10ml. The price ranges between £39.99 – £255.99. 


  • The highest strength CBD oil on the UK market – 40%
  • It is a full spectrum oil as opposed to an isolate one.
  • Made of high-quality ingredients sourced organically in the United States.


  • The price is higher than for other CBD oils.
  • The high CBD concentration can turn it viscous or even make it crystallise.

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#2: Blessed CBD 1000mg Oil Drops

Blessed CBD 1000mg Oil

According to the brand’s official website, this is their most popular product. And we can clearly see why. As they put it, this CBD oil is potent, full spectrum, and packed with terpenes and cannabinoids.  That’s a big part of the reason why we rate it as the second best CBD oil UK.

A 10ml bottle has 1000mg of CBD and less than 0.2% THC. Every drop of the oil contains approximately 4mg of CBD, which will make it easier for you to calculate exactly how much you want to use every single day.

As usually, the Blessed CBD Oil Drops is non-GMO, vegan friendly, doesn’t have any gluten, is organic, and the hemp plants it comes from have not been cultivated using any pesticides. 

The oil does not have flavours added to it, which is something you need to keep in mind prior to buying it. Some users find the ‘earthy’ taste of CBD too much for their palate, but the brand refuses to add flavours so as to maintain the oil’s high potency.

If you want to purchase the Blessed CBD Oil Drops, get ready, because the brand doesn’t operate like a traditional seller. They only produce small batches at a time, which allows them to focus on the high quality of their products. 

However, this also means that they have a very limited stock available. Therefore, you will have to sign your name on a waiting list before purchase. The oil comes in single bottles, a three month and a six month supply. For the two latter options the brand will give you a discount. The prices range between £74.95 and £359.95.


  • High quality CBD oil produced in very small batches.
  • The brand offers discounts for larger purchases.


  • The natural, earthy taste can be difficult to get used to.
  • You have to sign up for a waiting list before you can purchase the oil.

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#3: Provacan 1200mg CBD Oil

Provacan CBD Oil

There’s a reason that Provacan tends to make almost every ‘top CBD oils’ list out there – it’s a high-quality CBD oil at a reasonable price. Plus, the website oozes the clinical, scientific nature of the products.

The 1200mg (12%) CBD oil stands out for the fact it’s ever-so-slightly stronger than the typical 1000mg (10%) you tend to find elsewhere.

It’s a full spectrum CBD of the highest quality, as backed-up by the independent lab reports freely available on the website.

Guaranteed to contain 0.05% THC or less, there’s no risk this oil will get you high. It’s also got a LOT of customer reviews that tend to be extremely positive. Most are saying that it’s a nice mix of flavour, quality, and effectiveness.

Speaking of flavour, Provacan 12% CBD oil comes with boosted terpene profile which may help to enhance both the taste and smell of the oil.

Additional benefits of Provacan are that their oils are Kosher certified and their CBD comes from organic hemp grown in Europe. The downside is that you’ll need to spend over £100 to get free delivery.


  • Award-winning full spectrum CBD forumula
  • Boosted terpene profile for an enhanced entourage effect


  • They operate a subscription model you may wish to opt-out of
  • You’ll need to spend over £100 to get free delivery

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#4: Dr. Ed CBD Oil for Stress

Dr. Ed Calm CBD Oil

At number four on our list of the best CBD oil UK wide is an oil that tastes good and is meant to relieve your anxiety, panic, and stress, according to the brand that manufactures it. 

The Dr. Ed CBD Oil for stress is called Calm and the brand claims it’s their most popular tonic. It’s meant to give you some much needed peace of mind and create balance in your life or just during a busy day. 

One thing that this review of CBD oils has uncovered and which you will like is that the Dr. Ed oil is made in the UK, unlike many others on the market. It has also been developed with the aid of an actual neuroscientist, whose name it carries. 

The oil has a fresh citrus taste for those out there who don’t like the natural taste of CBD, it’s cruelty free, vegan, and tested in the lab. 

You can purchase the Dr. Ed CBD Oil for Stress in the option Calm in three different strengths – 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. But you can also buy a sample bottle that is just 1ml in size. The prices range between £5.00 – £79.99.


  • Three choices of strength that will fit everyone.
  • You can order a sample bottle to try it.
  • It has a citrus taste that masks the earthy taste of CBD.


  • There is no extra information or lab results on the company’s official website.

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#5: Biopurus UK 1000mg 10% CBD Oil

Biopurus CBD Oil

According to their official website, Biopurus is the perfect CBD oil for beginners. This is the main reason why it made it to the top five choices on our list of the best CBD oil UK wide in 2020. It can be very difficult to choose a CBD oil when you’ve never had one before, especially given how large the market is, but For the Ageless and Biopurus make it quite easy. 

It’s important to note in this CBD oil review that For the Ageless is an online store that sells only the best rated and highest quality CBD products in the UK. And Biopurus is one of the brands they have selected for their stores. 

The reason is that Biopurus produces this full spectrum, organic, and whole-plant CBD oil which comes from a very small crop in the Czech Republic. 

A 10ml bottle has 1000mg of CBD. Given the fact that the bottle has been fitted with a dropper, you can easily dose your intake.

Every drop has an approximate 5mg of CBD, and the brand advises you to use 2 drops per day. Seeing as the bottle has some 250 drops, it should be enough for no less than 4 months. This means value for money. 

And that value increases because the brand as well as the For the Ageless store are offering a bundle with the oil. If you purchase three 10ml bottles, you will receive a CBDa Hemp Tea. The price for a single bottle of Biopurus CBD Oil is £69.90.


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • The bottle has a dropper that allows you to dose your intake.
  • The oil has great value for money, lasting you up to 4 months.


  • Not the strongest CBD oil on the market.

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#6: Love CBD Entourage Oil

Love CBD Entourage Oil

Shoppers who love innovation and products that use CBD in a creative way might enjoy the Love CBD Entourage Oil. For a number of reasons that this review has found. 

The Love CBD spray has a base made of olive oil that has been infused with CBD and terpenes. The result is a full spectrum CBD oil that has a whole range of cannabinoids such as CBG, CBDA, CBN, and CBDV. 

Not only that, but the small 20ml bottle holds no less than 2000mg of CBD that will interact with the terpenes to create the entourage or synergy effect that gives the oil its name, according to the brand.

Another innovation is the fact that this oil comes in the shape of a spray, not a traditional dropper bottle. As per the company’s own statement, they wanted to solve the problem you usually have with classic CBD oil bottles which don’t close properly and leak onto your hands and in your pocket. 

According to them, the spray will allow you to dose a perfect amount under your tongue every time and not waste product at all. This innovation is also good value for money. One single spray has 16mg of CBD. That makes it a good contender for the best CBD oil UK, though it falls a little short of claiming the title.


  • Spray bottle that doesn’t leak and won’t waste the CBD oil.
  • Has an olive oil base that might make the oil healthier.
  • Can be sprayed in a very precise amount.


  • The hemp it’s made up of comes from a large number of countries all over Europe.

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#7: Love Hemp 20% CBD Oil

Love Hemp 20% CBD Oil

A THC-free CBD oil that comes in two flavours, peppermint and natural, this product from Love Hemp aims to cater to beginners as well as those who have started their CBD journey for a while but are not exactly veterans yet.

The Love Hemp 20% CBD Oil has a medium strength seeing as its 2000mg of CBD are suspended in pure hemp oil. But one of the main things you may love the most and which this review has found interesting about the oil is that it uses cold pressed hemp extracts.

According to the brand, this process ensures that all the benefits of the hemp plant make it to the final product. It will also preserve its active ingredients and make them available for future use. 

The Love Hemp CBD oil does not have any other ingredients or additives, is vegan, organic, non-GMO, and has a series of terpenes and cannabinoids such as Caryophyllene oxide, Guaiol, Β-Caryophyllene, and of course, CBD.

It only comes in a 10ml bottle that has 2000mg CBD for the price of £129.99. At the moment of writing this best CBD oil UK review, the brand is offering a discount. You can purchase the oil for £94.99. This means you can check the website at your leisure and find other discounts and sales as well.


  • It comes in two flavours, peppermint and natural.
  • Has no THC at all.
  • Is made using cold-pressed hemp extract.


  • The oil only comes in one strength option – 2000mg.

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#8: CBD Armour Silver CBD Oil

Silver CBD Oil

The CBD Armour brand markets their Silver CBD Oil for people who want to make a difference in their hectic and stressful lifestyles as well as for those who are searching for wellness and a release from emotional demands. 

If you believe you fall under any of these targeted categories, then you might enjoy this CBD oil. It is full spectrum and has been obtained from hemp plants that the company grows in their own farms according to their statements. 

They process the plants in virgin hemp seed oil, which will get infused with cannabinoids in a concentration above 10%. The brand also states that their balanced process of making the oil will also infuse it with essential fatty acids as well as Omega acids.

If you’re interested in purchasing the oil, you should know it comes in a range of strengths and bottle sizes, as follows – 10ml – 1000mg of CBD, 30ml – 3000mg of CBD, 50ml – 5000mg of CBD, and 100ml – 10 000mg of CBD. The prices range from £30 to £250. 


  • A great range of sizes and strengths.
  • The oil has omega acids, fatty acids, potassium, calcium, vitamin E, proteins, and zinc.
  • Organic, vegan, kosher, and halal.


  • Their website does not have any tests or info to support their statements.

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#9: CBii 500mg CBD Oil

CBii 500mg CBD oil

Even though it ranks number eight on our best CBD oil UK review list, that doesn’t mean you should think of this oil as a last option. Quite the contrary. The CBii CBD Oil is a full spectrum oil that also packs great CBD strength. It comes in a 10ml bottle that has a whopping 500mg of CBD. 

This also means that you will get no less than 50mg of CBD for every dose. In other words, this CBD oil should be reserved for veteran users of CBD products who know exactly what their needs are and how to use the oil.

The CBD oil in itself is made in Switzerland but bottled in the UK. The brand uses an ethanol extraction process which, according to them, will preserve all the natural components of the hemp plant. 

The brand also states that every single batch of CBii CBD Oil they produce is tested by an independent third party lab. Consequently, it receives its very own Certificate of Analysis. However, since this is an objective review, we have to mention that there is no indication of that on their official website, which is quite lacking in this department.

The CBii CBD 500mg Oil comes in a 10ml bottle and it retails for £59.


  • High CBD strength for a single dose – 50mg.
  • Low price compared to other CBD oils on the market.
  • Full spectrum CBD oil made in Switzerland.


  • Might be suited only for veteran users of CBD.
  • The website doesn’t show its lab tests and Certificate of Analysis, despite mentioning it.

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Key Signs of a High-Quality CBD Oil

Now that we’ve identified and reviewed the best CBD oil UK has to offer in 2020, let’s answer another pressing question.

In an ever-growing market that is almost overflowing with CBD oils, how to you tell the high-quality ones from the rest? Here are some key signs that will help you identify the best oils.

The area growing the hemp was soil tested

Yes, you need to go to the root of the problem for this one, but it’s crucial. The reason is because hemp is a plant that absorbs everything in its area while it grows. Therefore, while it can imbibe minerals and vitamins, it can also become full of pesticides, toxins, chemicals, and even lead by the time it is turned into CBD oil.

Always check the source of your oil. They should specify that the soil where their hemp is grown has been tested by an approved lab. Which brings us to this.

Tests results are transparent

Any trustworthy company will have no problem in showing their lab results. Even more so, you might find such information right on the bottle or inside the box. When a company goes the extra mile and pays the extra pound to get lab results, they will want to show it.

No low prices

There is no reason why the best CBD oil UK should be very cheap. Hemp is costly to cultivate, the process in itself is not cheap, and CBD oils are expensive to produce. Therefore, if the price is too low, be on your guard.

No outstanding medical claims

As remarkable as CBD oil is, there is no conclusive research yet that can prove this oil or hemp in general can cure any diseases or help relieve any symptoms. Therefore, if a brand makes outstanding medical claims, promising to cure serious illnesses, do some research of your own first.

It’s a full spectrum oil

A high quality CBD oil should always be full spectrum, not an isolate. This means that it will have all the favourable extracts from the plants it has been made of, such as essential oils, otherwise called terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. Isolates are typically cheaper and do not have these other components.

Is CBD Oil Right For YOU?

Answer 4 simple questions and get a personal recommendation of which product and brand is best for you:

How to Choose the Perfect CBD Oil for You


Ultimately the best CBD oil UK for you will depend on exactly what you’re looking for. Here are a few factors you need to take into account before choosing a CBD oil:

The strength

This will be simple enough. If you are a beginner, start with the smallest concentration you can find – anywhere between 4% and 10%. A medium strength is considered to be 20%, while anything above that should be incorporated into your lifestyle only when you are already a seasoned user.

The taste

CBD oil in its natural form has a distinct, earthy taste. However, if you believe you cannot stomach that, choose brands that offer alternative flavours such as citrus or peppermint.

Delivery method

This will also be up to your personal preferences. Most CBD oils have a dropper, which means you can put a few drops under your tongue. However, you can choose spray oils or even those that can be vaporised.

Please be aware that not all CBD oils can be sprayed or vaporised, and you will have to purchase a special brand if this is your preferred method of delivery.

CBD Oils vs Other CBD Products

This is an on going debate that has separated CBD users into major factions. But there is no doubt that the best CBD oil UK brands have some outstanding strengths over other CBD infused products.

For example, as tasty as they may be, CBD edibles will provide a variable absorption. The reason is that the gummy or chocolate goes to your stomach and takes a very long time to reach the bloodstream.

Contrary to that, CBD oils are dropped under the tongue, a highly vascularised area, reach the bloodstream immediately and ensure maximum absorption.

Topical appliers, otherwise known as creams, might seem like a good alternative to CBD oils, but there are some cons to that. For example, given the fact that they are applied to the skin and need to be absorbed, they use a much higher amount of CBD for the same results.

This also means that their price is usually much higher. At the same time, you run the risk of skin irritations, which never happens with CBD oils.

Best CBD Oil UK Review – Conclusion

Every CBD oil that has been reviewed in the list of the best CBD oil UK brands above will be a great choice for you seeing as they are high quality and can provide good benefits.

The top choice for 2020 is the 1CBD 40% Gold Edition Pure Hemp CBD Oil, the strongest on the UK market with a unique set of characteristics and options.

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