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  • Large selection of products including some unique items such as CBD cream and hemp tea
  • Third party lab results are available on their website for full transparency
  • All their products are made with organic hemp oil, rich in Omega-3


  • Not all their edible products are vegan or vegetarian
  • You'll need to spend at least £20 for free delivery

Hempura Review – A brand that positions itself as “the best place to buy CBD oil in the UK.” Evidently that is a bold claim to make.

As a result, this Hempura review will attempt to find out if the claims they make on their website are true.

At A Glance:

This Hempura review is off to a great start. They offer a fantastic selection of products, they care about transparency by making their lab results public, and they are intent upon using only organic hemp products. But there are so many more things to say about this brand. 

Here is what you need to know:

  • As per their own statements every single batch of hemp they use in manufacturing their products has been tested.

    Apart from that, they also test every single product to make sure the quality is up to par. As a result, they encourage their customers to search the batch code in their database to find the lab results. 
  • None of their products have been tested on animals, as the brand believes in a cruelty-free policy. 
  • All Hempura products have less than 0.03 % CBD. This means that the THC in their products should be undetectable. 
  • The brand claims that all the hemp used to manufacture their products has been organically grown and does not contain any pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.  
  • They offer one of the best delivery systems in the industry – free delivery for orders over £20. Delivery for all orders that are below £20 costs only £1.99. Plus, they state that all orders will be shipped within two working days. 
  • As per the statements on their website, all the hemp they use in their products comes from crops grown in the European Union.

As you can well see there is so much to love about the Hempura brand. If all this information has made you want to shop with them, here are some details that you will definitely need.

Free UK Shipping
On Orders Over £20

Fast Delivery
48 hours

14-Day Returns
For unused products

It’s time for this Hempura review to take a look at the pros and cons of shopping with the brand. Considering both the strengths and weaknesses of a company is the only way to remain objective. So here they are.

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Hempura Strengths

Hempura Review

Without a doubt one of the best things about the Hempura brand is the large variety of CBD products they offer. The store provides CBD oil, CBD capsules, vaping liquids, as well as edibles in the shape of CBD chocolates, topicals such as CBD cream, but also hemp tea. 

As a result, their extensive line of products is able to cater to all types of shoppers from beginners to seasoned users of CBD no matter what you might be looking for.

This also means that you will be able to shop for all the products you need from tea to cosmetics and vaping liquid in one place making the shopping experience easy and fast. 

The second best strength that this Hempura review needs to point out is without a doubt the fantastic delivery system that they have in place. The Hempura company offers their customers free delivery for all orders over £20 and a very small delivery fee of only £1.99 for all orders that are below £20. 

At the same time seeing as this is a British company, their warehouses are located within Britain. Therefore, shipping will only take two business days according to their claims. 

The brand is also dedicated to transparency. Therefore they have a very interesting system in place on their website through which they publish all their third party lab results and certificates. 

Using this system you can check the batch code on the product you have ordered and enter the number on the website. The system will then generate the lab result or certificate that matches the batch code at on your product for you to read at your leisure. 

As per their own statements, all the hemp and CBD oil that they have used to manufacture their products is organic, does not contain any pesticides or herbicides and comes from certified farms within the European Union. As a result, it complies with European Union laws on hemp cultivation and CBD use. 

If you want, you can order a free booklet on how to use CBD from the Hempura website. They will send it to you free of charge. Please be aware that this is a hard copy booklet that will arrive at your address.

Hempura Weaknesses

Despite the intention of making this an objective Hempura review there are not so many bad things to say about the brand.

The only thing you might not enjoy when deciding to shop with Hempura is the fact that some of their edible products such as their CBD chocolates are not vegan or vegetarian friendly.

This is due to the fact that the chocolates contain dairy products and/or nuts. As a result they are not suitable for a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Products Available

Since we’ve already brushed on the fact that Hempura has a large selection of products that might prove to be very interesting for you as a shopper, let’s take a closer look at some of these products and their features.

Hempura CBD Oils

Hempura CBD Oil

The brand offers two types of CBD oils. The Hempura Original Full Spectrum CBD Oil and the Hempura Refined Broad Spectrum CBD Oil.

Both collections come in three varieties depending on the strength of the CBD oil that you wish to purchase. Therefore for both types of CBD oil you can choose the 250mg, the 500mg, and the 1000mg varieties. 

All the CBD oils come in 10ml bottles that are fitted with droppers to make the dosing so much easier. 

It is also worth mentioning here that both the bottles and the boxes they come in are absolutely beautiful. In fact, they might be some of the most beautiful CBD products on the market.

Of course, this doesn’t have to sway you one way or the other because it’s the CBD oil in itself that matters. But this is a Hempura review and every aspect matters.

Hempura CBD Capsules

Hempura CBD Capsules

Hempura offers Full Spectrum CBD Capsules which come in the same type of aesthetically pleasing box as the CBD oils. One box holds 30 capsules and boasts 300mg of CBD. According to the brand’s claims, each capsule has 10mg of CBD.

The capsules contain full spectrum ground hemp that is very rich in terpenes and cannabinoids and which has less than 0.03 THC. You can purchase a box of Hempura Full Spectrum CBD Capsules for £19.99.

Hempura CBD Chocolate

Hempura CBD Chocolates

At the moment of writing this Hempura review, all their CBD chocolates are sold out. However, please keep an eye on their website as they may restock their edibles selection anytime soon. 

When in stock, Hempura offers CBD white chocolates only. They come in a box which contains 20 pieces. You can choose the strength you desire ranging from 200mg to 1000mg of CBD. The price ranges between £19.99 and £64.99 per box of chocolates.

Hempura CBD Vape Liquid

Hempura CBD Vape Liquid

The brand’s CBD vape liquid has no artificial flavours and comes in 10ml bottles. They hold 200 drops according to the brand’s claims. The strength of the CBD ranges from 100mg to 250mg to 500mg of CBD. One drop of Hempura vaping liquid contains 2.50mg. 

As per the statements on their official website, the vaping liquid is rich in active cannabinoids and natural citrus terpenes . The vaping liquid is made in Britain and has been filtered for safe vaping. However, it is important to mention that their CBD vape liquid only comes in a citrus flavour.

Hempura CBD Cream

Hempura CBD Cream

The company also produces topicals in the shape of their CBD cream. You can purchase it in a 215mg or a 500mg CBD strength variety. The price points for the CBD cream range between £23.99 and £33.99. At the moment of writing this Hempura review both CBD creams are on sale. 

According to their claims, the cream has been clinically proven to soothe, repair, and restore and is meant for a targeted application on the body. The cream is also rich in terpenes and cannabinoids.  

Hempura Hemp Tea

Hempura Hemp Tea

This is a unique product offered by the Hempura brand which you might not find on other CBD websites. Hempura produces and sells a hemp tea which is currently on sale. It comes in two flavours – natural lemon and natural raspberry. Both boxes contain 20 herbal tea bags. 

According to the brand, the tea is herbal and made from hemp. It has absolutely no THC but it is rich in vitamin B1, as well as terpenes. However there is absolutely no mention on their part how much CBD you can find in a single tea bag or in the box on the whole.

Hempura Reviews

1st class service and delivery. Much appreciated – it made purchasing so very easy.

Mr Smith via 5-Star Trustpilot review

I was recommended to try Hempura by a friend so rang and spoke to someone rather than just reading on the web site. I was impressed, no hard sell at all, even advising me to ring my doctor before placing an order, which I did. I have placed my first order and am really pleased. Will definitely order again.

Janet Duke via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Is Hempura Safe?

In the FAQ section on their website, Hempura offers a wealth of information on this topic. They ask you to check for allergies as well as any sensitivities before starting to use CBD products. At the same time, they inform you that they do not sell or advertise their products for pets as it is against veterinary law in the UK.

More importantly they also ask you to understand that Hempura does not sell their CBD products to people under the age of 18 and that they do not advise CBD to be given to children. 

At the same time they direct towards their helpful guide to CBD from Hempura which has all the necessary information you need on the safety of their product. Seeing how open and transparent they are with all this information we feel safe as well in recommending this brand to you.

Hempura Discount Code

Hempura CBD Guide

You will get a 5% coupon on your next order as well as other promotions and access to news and competitions if you sign up to their mailing list and join the Hempura club

At the same time it is recommended that you browse the Hempura website as often as you wish to because some of their products go on sale from time to time.

Hempura Review – Summary

The Hempura brand positions itself as the best brand to buy CBD oil from in the UK. This Hempura review set out to find out if that is true.

Taking into account all that we have found out during this review we can honestly say that if Hempura is not the best CBD brand in the UK then it is definitely one of the best. 

The brand has high quality CBD products, a very large selection to choose from which includes oils, topicals, edibles, and vaping liquid, a fantastic and very cheap delivery system, and a great website where you can shop at your leisure and find out every bit of information about CBD you could possibly need. 

All in all the Hempura brand can fulfil your needs whether you are a beginner or are simply looking for some high quality CBD products.

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