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  • The brand offers clean CBD products which are safe for both people and the environment
  • All lab results are published on their website and downloadable in PDF format
  • They offer free delivery for subscription orders


  • You will only get free delivery for orders over £100 which is quite high
  • Their product range is very small, only consisting of a few CBD oils

Medatol Review – A brand which aims to provide its customers with clean and safe CBD products that will enhance their lifestyle as well as help and protect the environment. 

Have they managed to fulfil this mission despite how small their range of products is? 

This Medatol review is set to find out.

At A Glance:

The Medatol brand mission is to retail a line of clean and pure CBD products that stand out from everything else you can currently find on the market.

As a result, the brand claims to sell the most socially responsible CBD products that aim to respect both the planet as well as its customers who want healthy bodies and healthy minds. 

Here are some of the key facts you need to know about the Medatol brand: 

  • According to the brand all their CBD oil products are 100% vegan, organic, pesticide free, solvent free, and heavy metal free. 
  • The company uses a third party lab to test all their oil products and to keep them at pharmaceutical standards. Not only that, but in the spirit of transparency you can checkout the lab results on their website and even download them in PDF format if you wish to do so. 
  • Medatol states that they want to fight the stigma around CBD and usher in a new age where CBD is seen as a clean and safe product which can be used by everyone who wants to approach their health in a natural fashion.
  • All their CBD oil products have less than 1 mg of THC per bottle. 

If you like the natural and clean approach that the Medatol brand has towards CBD products and are thinking about ordering with them, here is some information that you will definitely need.

Free UK Shipping
On Orders Over £100

UK Delivery
1-5 business days

14-Day Returns
For unused products

Everything sounds great so far. But there’s only one way to make this Medatol review objective. And that’s by looking at the pros and cons. But first…

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Medatol Strengths

Medatol CBD Review

Without a doubt one of the things that you will love the most about the Medatol brand is the fact that it has a very positive approach towards CBD products. The brand has a motto that they share proudly on their official website – Pure.Safe.Responsible. 

As a result and as per their own claims, their mission is to help every person live a better and healthier life with the help of clean and safe CBD products. 

As stated on their website, the company has access to healthy and naturally occurring resources which they claim are able to equip every individual to live a better life and simply stay healthy. 

In this way their CBD products can empower people to supplement therapy and traditional medicine so as to take back control of their lives.  

Another pro is the fact that the Medatol brand aims to destigmatised the use of CBD products as well as CBD in itself. This is one of the main reasons why the company has chosen only to use clean and safe CBD that will help people lead healthier lives.

As far as this Medatol review is concerned one of the best things about the brand is their complete transparency.

They publish their third party lab results on their website and make them fully downloadable in PDF format for everyone who is interested. Also, according to their own claims their ingredients can be traced back to source.

Medatol Weaknesses

As interesting as this brand and the concept behind it might be, unfortunately their line of products is very limited. Medatol only sells a few CBD oils in a very small range. As a result, this might not be the brand for you for any of the following reasons. 

If you are not a fan of CBD oils drops, tinctures, or anything in this family of products to begin with. If you don’t like the taste or texture of CBD oil. Or if you are simply looking for other types of products such as edibles or vaping liquids. In any of these situations, Medatol simply won’t be able to cater to your needs. 

Another con that this Medatol review has been able to identify is that their CBD oils are quite expensive in comparison to other similar oils on the market.

However, we do have to state here that the price is, of course, subjective. As a result, it will be interpreted differently by every single customer out there. Some will find it quite high while others will be more than happy to pay a higher amount of money as long as their CBD products are healthy and safe to use. 

And finally, there is also a lack of information overall on their website. There are no details with regards to the source of the hemp or other ingredients that have been used in making their CBD oils.

As a result, there is no way of knowing if the hemp has been cultivated in Europe or otherwise or how the hemp was cultivated to begin with.

Products Available

As mentioned above, the Medatol product line is not extensive. Therefore, we will be able to take a look at all the CBD oils that the brand has to offer at the moment of writing this Medatol review.

Medatol CBD Oils

Medatol CBD Oils

The Medatol brand offers two types of CBD oils – Clean Oral Drops and the Essentials Collection. 

Clean CBD Oil Oral Drops come in 30 ml bottles as well as different strengths and different flavours. You can purchase any 30 ml bottle in a 500mg, 1000mg or 2000mg CBD strengths.

The CBD Oil Oral drops can be purchased in different flavours such as Natural, Peppermint, and Orange. Depending on the strengths you wish to purchase, a 30 ml bottle of CBD Oil Oral Drops will cost between £35 and £100. 

According to the brand’s own statements, the CBD oils have less than one milligramme of THC per bottle and they are made of broad spectrum CBD distillate.

They have flavourings and MCT oil, and they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

The Medatol brand also offers the Essentials Collection. It comprises CBD oil oral drops which come in 30ml bottles as well. You can choose between different strengths such as 500 mg of CBD, 1000 mg of CBD and 2000 mg of CBD. It’s important to mention here that the latter option, meaning the 2000 mg, is not available yet but you can pre-order it. 

Another important piece of information is the fact that the CBD oil oral drops in the essentials collection are significantly more expensive then the other oils the brand has to offer as well as many other oils you can find generally on the British CBD market.

The oils in this collection cost between £95 and £270 pounds for a 30 ml bottle. However, they are marketed as being the purest premium broad spectrum CBD oil drops you can possibly find, according to the brand’s claims.

Medatol Reviews

Prompt service from start to finish. The Website was easy to navigate and placing my order was quite straight forward. I was kept infomed through to delivery and my product arrived promptly. I have since recommended to friends & family

Fatimah M via 5-Star Trustpilot review

I have been getting much better sleep since I started taking Medatol, I track my sleep performance and it’s hugely improved!

Samantha Webb via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Is Medatol Safe?

Seeing as this is a brand so concerned with health and safety, Medatol has a caution warning on their website. It kindly asks you not to use any of their products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It also asks you not to exceed the dose they recommend. 

At the same time, if you are currently under any regular medication please consult your physician before starting who take CBD diet supplements.

Not only that but the brand also asks you to understand that these products are not meant for children, that they are food supplements and not intended to prevent, cure, or treat any kind of illness you might have. 

This Medatol review fully agrees with the caution warning on the Medatol website. At the same time seeing that this is a branch so interested in creating CBD products that are centred around the health, safety, and wellness of its shoppers, we feel safe to recommend their products to you.

Medatol Discount Code

Medatol Discount Code

At the moment of writing this Medatol review the brand is offering 10% off your first order when you apply the coupon WELCOME10 at checkout.  

At the same time, some of their products such as the Essentials Collection can be bought using a subscription. This means that if you subscribe for a monthly purchase of the CBD oils in the Essentials Collection as opposed to buying them one at a time they will be cheaper.

Medatol Review – Summary

The Medatol brand is a very interesting one. It aims to destigmatise CBD products as well as CBD in itself by creating a safer space for all CBD users.

At the same time it offers clean and healthy CBD products that are concerned with offering people the possibility of leading better lives.  

However, the brand offers a very limited range of products in the sense that currently it only sells a few CBD oils.

Therefore, if you are interested in health and wellness, are a huge fan of CBD oils and are not looking for any other types of CBD products, then Medatol is definitely the brand for you.

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