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  • A very large range of products that includes CBD oil, CBD capsules, CBD balms, liquids and more
  • They offer unique products such as a large variety of CBD snacks and many CBD beauty products
  • Free CBD dosage calculator on their website to find the perfect CBD dosage for your weight


  • Medium to high prices that might not be budget friendly
  • Some of their certificates of analysis could do with being updated

Naturecan review – a new company on the CBD market that offers one of the largest and most complex ranges of products available. 

It was created in 2019 by the former CEO of Myprotein and the leader of a global wellness brand. They came together to create Naturecan, a company focused on offering effective, safe, and premium hemp-derived CBD products that can cater to a large audience.

Let’s use this Naturecan review to take an in-depth look at all of their products, their claims, their services, and of course to try and find out if the brand has managed to meet its goals.

At A Glance:

The company is fairly new to the British CBD market. It was created in 2019 by Andy Duckworth, CEO of a company called Myprotein and his partner, Paul Finnegan, who worked as a global wellness brand ambassador. 

The two came together to offer, according to their own statements, premium CBD and hemp-derived products as well as minerals and vitamins that could help individuals leads better and healthier lifestyles. 

Here are some of the key facts you need to know about the brand they have created, Naturecan

  • The range of products offered by Naturecan is one of the absolute largest on the British market. It comprises, among others, CBD oils, CBD capsules, snacks, edibles, even desserts in the shape of cookies and brownies, CBD nut butters, and an entire CBD-based beauty skin care range, sports topicals, as well as non-CBD supplements. The latter do not meet the objective of this Naturecan review but they are available should you need them. 
  • According to the company’s claims, all the hemp they use to create their products is grown in the USA and complies with very strict regulations. 
  • As per their own statements, their products have been tested in third party labs to ensure their quality. Naturecan states that every single product on their official website has a certificate of analysis for both the oil distillate that was used to manufacture it and for the actual finished good.  
  • Naturecan is a member of the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry as well as the Center for Medicinal Cannabis. According to them, this allows them to have their products fully regulated and certified.  

Naturecan surely strive to position themselves as a company focused on complying with all the rules and regulations needed to provide high quality CBD products on the British market. 

If this is as important to you as it is to them and wish to become their customer, there is some extra information you will need when ordering from them.

Free UK Shipping
On Orders Over £50

Fast Delivery
2-3 Business Days

14-Day Returns
For unused products

It’s time for this Naturecan review to take a look at the pros and cons that we know you’ve been waiting for.

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Naturecan Strengths

Naturecan Review

Without a doubt, the most important advantage when it comes to this CBD brand is it’s sizable product range. In fact, Naturecan has one of the largest product ranges on the CBD British market. 

As a customer, everything you could possibly wish to purchase within the CBD niche, there is a high possibility you could find it on their official website. 

Naturecan offers CBD oils in a variety of strengths ranging from 2.5% to 40% including one CBD oil infused with turmeric, as well as CBD capsules infused with Vitamin C, curcumin, and accelerators, CBD snacks that include gummies, brownies, cookies, nut butters, protein balls, and whey protein in different varieties, CBD balms, a very large range of beauty products, CBD liquids, as well as tablets and capsules.


Another strength for this brand is their dedication to transparency when it comes to lab testing their CBD products. As per their own claims, their products as well as the primary hemp materials they are made of are tested by third party labs to make sure the CBD and CBG concentrations as well as the THC content are up to par and within the limits set by the law.  

As this Naturecan review has found, they are quite correct in the claims they have made about their third party testing. The results can be seen on their official website in the shape of certificates of analysis.  


One more thing that you as a customer might like about the Naturecan brand is the fact that they offer bundles for sale.

This includes CBD sample bundles which at the moment of writing this Naturecan review are on sale, and which will allow you to try out different Naturecan products to see if they are a good fit for your current lifestyle. 

Their offer for bundles also includes essential oil bundles, immunity bundles that also include vitamin D, snacks bundles, as well as birthday bundles in case you might like to order one for a friend’s special day, vegan bundles, and what they call the big savings bundle that will allegedly allow you to save some money on certain products.

Naturecan Weaknesses

As you might have already imagined by reading this Naturecan review so far there aren’t so many weaknesses per se. However, since this is a fair review, there are two things that we could point to. One of them is the fact that they do not practice the lowest prices on the market.  

In reality, their prices could be described as medium to high.

Therefore, they are not the lowest but they are also not the absolute highest prices you can find on the British market at the current moment for CBD products. As a result if you are on a budget and are looking for CBD products to enhance your lifestyle, they might not be the best fit. 

Still, we do advise you to take a look at their products in detail because they do offer discounts and bundles. 

The second weakness so to say is the fact that, even though they are transparent when it comes to their third party lab results which they do publish on their official website, the latest certificates of analysis are from 2019.

This is also the year when the brand in itself was established according to the statements they make on their official website.  

It is probably fair to assume that for the sake of the customers it would be good to see some newer tests and positive lab results. 

Products Available

Since as we have already mentioned, we have one of the largest ranges of products in the CBD niche, this review won’t be able to offer in depth details about every single one of them. However, let’s take a look at some key products from every category that Naturecan has to offer.

Naturecan CBD Oils

Naturecan CBD Oils

The company’s CBD oils are available in five different strengths – 2.5%, 5%, 15%, 20%, and 40%. The Naturecan CBD oil is a broad spectrum one that has zero percent THC according to the company’s claims. 

It is 100% vegan, derived from certified hemp and made from organic MCT carrier oil. Customers can also check out the third party lab results for their CBD oils on the dedicated page on Naturecan’s official website. 

The price of the CBD oils depends on the strength you choose. For example, the 5% CBD oil has a price that ranges between £29.99 and £79.99, while the 40% CBD oil ranges between £149.99 and £299.99. 

Naturecan Capsules

Naturecan CBD Capsules

In this category you have a range of products such as 10 milligram CBD Oil Softgels, Vegan CBD capsules, as well as the same product only infused with Curcumin and D3, soft gels with vitamin C, vegan CBD capsules with Astaxanthin, and 10 milligram accelerator CBD capsules.

Please note that not all of these products are vegan only the ones that are specifically marked as such.

Naturecan CBD Snacks

Naturecan CBD Snacks

If you like your daily CBD intake in the shape of edibles or sweet treats, you’re in luck. Because Naturecan offers one of the widest ranges of CBD snacks available that is sure to provide a relief for your sweet cravings. 

This plentiful range includes CBD gummies – 30 gummies per pack and 10 milligrams of CBD per gummy – CBD cookies – both individually portioned and in cookie boxes of 12 – CBD chocolate, CBD brownies, CBD peanut butter – honey sea salt, crunchy, and milk chocolate varieties- and CBD whey protein.  

The price of the CBD snacks depends on what you’re planning on buying and in what quantity. For example, one individual serving of CBD cookie costs £2.59 while a box of 12 costs £29.99. The peanut butter jars have a price that ranges between £6.99 and £11.99, while the CBD gummies cost £19.99

Naturecan CBD Balms

Naturecan CBD Balms

With zero THC content but specifically formulated so as to deliver effective and fast everyday solutions, according to the brand’s claims, Naturecan’s range of CBD balms has a series of very interesting products.

If you’re interested, you can purchase a CBD Muscle Balm either in Chilly Heat or Cooling Menthol, a CBD Multi-Balm, a CBD Massage Oil, or a CBD Lip Balm.

All the balms in this category retail from £12.99, while the CBD massage oil is a little bit more expensive, coming in at £19.99. The CBD lip balm costs £5.99.

Naturecan CBD Beauty Products

Naturecan CBD Beauty

According to their own statements, the brand has curated this line of beauty products because they love transparent beauty that you can live by.

If you feel that this is something you need in your life, then some of the products you can add to your own collection are the Naturecan Care & Protect CBD lip balm which retails for £8, Hydrate CBD Daily moisturiser which costs £25, Restore CBD Hand Cream which costs £18 pounds, Purify CBD clay mask, and many more.

Naturecan CBD E-Liquids

Naturecan CBD E-Liquids

As expected, this range comprises E-liquids or vapes, as they are otherwise known. They are available in three different flavours – strawberry, citrus fruits, and menthol. 

The vapes come in 10 millilitre bottles and three different strengths – 250 milligram, 500 milligram, and 1000 milligram CBD. The price is the same for every bottle – £24.99.

Naturecan Reviews

Naturecan is a trustworthy company. I bought some CBD products which are completely reliable and functioning well. Definitely worth trying out buying some of the company’s products.

Jona via 5-Star Trustpilot review

I have been using the oil and the 5-htp and I am delighted with the results. Will be reordering again!!! Love it! X

Helen Ashcroft via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Is Naturecan Safe?

The brand has a disclaimer on their website through which they ask you to understand that none of their products are intended for people under the age of 18, for pregnant or nursing people.

They also ask you to use the product only as directed on the label and always consult a physician about using CBD products or if you are already taking prescription medications. 

We kindly ask you to do the same thing. Apart from that, seeing the care and attention that the brand has put into ensuring that their products meet the highest quality and standards imposed by this niche in the market, as well as the fact that they are so transparent with their lab tests and results, we feel safe to recommend this brand to you.

Naturecan Discount Code

Naturecan Discount Code

At the moment of writing this Naturecan review, you can get 10% off your first order if you subscribe to their newsletter. The brand also has a few of their products on sale as well as some very interesting bundles that are worth taking a look at.

Naturecan Review – Summary

This Naturecan review has come to an end so it’s time to draw some conclusions. We can safely say that the most interesting and important thing about the brand is the wide variety of products that they have to offer.

Whether you’re interested in CBD in the shape of edibles, oils, capsules, vaping liquids, snacks, deserts, protein powder, or anything in between, most likely this brand will be able to cater it to you.  

They also offer some very interesting packages and bundles that might be able to save you a few pounds if you’re on a budget.

They ship all over Britain in only two or three business days which is bound to make your shopping experience even better. As a result, we think you might enjoy becoming a customer of Naturecan

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