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  • Contains 25 vitamins & minerals, 6 phytonutrients and 2 amino acids
  • Boosts energy levels, bolsters immunity and promotes healthy digestion
  • Multivitamins delivered direct to your door every month


  • Don’t expect life-changing results, Feel multivitamins aren’t a short-term solution - more of a long-term investment
  • The capsules are on the larger size so won't be suitable for everyone
  • You have to sign up to a monthly subscription, however you can cancel it at any time

Feel Multivitamins Review – Running on empty is no fun, fatigue and lethargy often result in a slump in productivity and loss of focus. 

Thankfully, we can top up our dwindling tanks with feel supplements, such as CBD or vitamins – or for an even bigger boost we could even combine the two.

However, with so many products on the market, it can be difficult to know where to start. Check out our Feel Multivitamins Review, designed to give you an insight into this particular supplement. 

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At A Glance:

Feel Multivitamins Review

WeAreFeel is a UK based supplement company committed to delivering an eco-friendly, sustainable and “clean” multivitamin in a ‘letterbox-friendly’ package.

Founder, Boris Hodakel launched the company in 2015, with the aim of offering a multivitamin with an extra kick, but no superfluous ingredients.

The WeAreFeel brand enjoys favourable reviews on the website, with plenty of five-star customer feedback. 

  • WeAreFeel has adopted a client-led ethos – stating that customer wellbeing and satisfaction is at the very heart of their operation.

    The company is quick to emphasise they only use natural, quality ingredients – so consumers know exactly what they are ingesting. 
  • This is a home-grown product. WeAreFeel is UK based and the company only works with registered suppliers to develop their excusive in-house formula. 

    The company care about the world around them – and their ecologically sound approach to the production and delivery of their products reflect that. 

Free UK Shipping
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30-Day Returns
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WeAreFeel seem to have a number of core values that they hold dear. Boris and the team believe transparency is key, so consumers know exactly what they are getting.

The company also promote the virtues of self-care, showcasing the fact that their science-led formula can really improve well-being. 

Earlier in this Feel Multivitamin review, we touched on their commitment to sustainability and it seems WeAreFeel don’t want this to come at a price! Feel vitamins are brought to the market with affordability in mind – to make sure they are accessible to everyone. Here are the WeAreFeel reviews.

How It Works

The first thing we noticed when opening the pack is the pleasant minty smell. It really puts aside any reservations you may have of taking the tablets. The downside is the capsule size is a little on the large size. Some people may find them hard to swallow.

You should also note that WeAreFeel operates by subscription-only, so if you do want to purchase their multivitamins, signing up is the only way to do it. 

The company, Feel Vitamins UK informs us that they chose to go down that route as they were keen to provide a letter-box service – multivitamins conveniently delivered directly to your door.

WeAreFeel subscribers won’t forget to top up their supplies and accidently run out of vitamins. Neither do they have to venture out to the shops to pick up more. 

However, we do appreciate the fact that some do not like the idea of being bound to a monthly subscription.

Whilst conducting this Feel Multivitamins Review, we were pleased to discover consumers are not tied to a complicated contract – WeAreFeel allows customers to cancel or pause their subscription as and when they see fit. 

Feel Multivitamins Strengths

We Are Feel Multivitamins

WeAreFeel are keen to draw attention to the fact that they are looking to support customers with their health goals, and to help people to feel better from within. It can be difficult to get all the essential nutrients in your diet, and that’s where Feel Multivitamins come in. 

With the well-being of customers at the forefront of their mind WeAreFeel reiterate that Feel Multivitamins are allergen free, gluten free, suitable for vegans, halal, kosher, and non gmo.

There certainly seems to be a whole host of health benefits associated with taking the multivitamin, including an increase in energy levels and immunity. 

Those taking the multivitamins can also reportedly look forward to a better night’s sleep, less stress, and a sharper brain. There appear to be other advantages too.

WeAreFree point out that Feel Multivitamins can also lead to stronger nails and hair, less blemishes, more robust bones and better digestion. If that’s not enough to grab your interest, the multivitamin also pledges to reduce the signs of aging.

Unique Formula

The company state that their unique formula, created by expert nutritionists, redefines multivitamins. WeAreFeel are proud of their “scientific approach” and like to point out that the product is made in the UK.

This Feel Multivitamins Review also explored the claim that the product only contains superior ingredients.

The company purportedly only use quality ingredients (33 in total) and bio-availability (boosted by BioPerine™). We’ll discuss this further a little later on. 

We also like the fact that Feel Multivitamins have been formulated with affordability in mind. By cutting out the middleman (in this case retailers and stores), WeAreFeel can see their products directly to you, cutting overheads and the sale price. 

We must also give a nod to the green credentials of WeAreFeel. The company appears to be committed to sustainability and has waved a resolute goodbye to plastic, opting for paper packaging (we particularly like the biodegradable paper pouches). 

Feel Multivitamins Weaknesses

WeAreFeel cut out the middleman to save money, but this means products have to be delivered directly to the customer. The company offer a monthly subscription service to do this – which means you have to sign up.

We appreciate not everyone likes the idea of having to do this, and it appears WeAreFeel have taken this on board too – the company has made it easy for customers to cancel or pause a subscription.

It’s also important to remember that Feel Multivitamins have not been formulated as a quick fix to health problems. The product is more of an enduring investment for those who take it. Multivitamins can make a difference – but not overnight! 

What Do Feel Multivitamins Contain?

We Are Feel Box

Feel Multivitamins are made up of 25 vitamins & minerals, 6 phytonutrients and 2 amino acids. The product contains Selenium, which reduces inflammation and damage to DNA, whilst boosting your immune system.

There’s also Turmeric, which is known for improving brain power, combating the signs of aging and reducing heart problems. 

Other ingredients include Vitamin D3 (boosts immunity, regulates calcium and improves bone density), and Citrus Bioflavonoids – strong antioxidants known for their ability to sharpen the brain and guard against allergies.

You’ll also find L-Glutamine, which improves your immunity by encouraging white cell growth, and Reishi mushrooms – another ingredient known for being a great antioxidant and natural immune modulator. 

Other Feel Products

Aside from Feel Multivitamins, WeAreFeel also produce other popular products. There’s Feel Moodtropics and Feel Braintropics, both of which are botanical matters. Feel Moodtropics is specifically designed for women, with the aim of promoting clarity, calmness, mood, and focus. 

Feel Braintropics is a product aimed at men, designed to enhance brainpower, cognition, focus and memory. WeAreFeel also produce a product known as the CPatch, a non-hemp CBD patch designed to combat stress, PMS, inflammation, and pain. 

Feel Multivitamins Reviews

I’m over 6 months in and these supplements definitely make a difference. My only gripe would be the magnesium content being so low. I take additional magnesium as it prevents migraines but it would be nice to take one less pill per day.

Overall the formulation is excellent and I feel confident that all my nutritional needs are now being met.

Lisa vis 5-star Trustpilot review

I have found customer service to be very helpful,they always answer phone calls and emails quickly,and delivery of my Feel capsules arrives on time,as soon as i placed my order they were here in two days,and when i ordered an extra box recently for my son they arrived next day.

Hazel W via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Are Feel Multivitamins Safe?

WeAreFeel declare that Feel Vitamins are completely safe – they inform us that all nutrients are acquired from a registered supplier. The supplier follows good manufacturing practices as standard (as per GMP compliance). All ingredients are carefully researched and rigorously tested and analysed by the raw material supplier (certificates are available as proof)! 

Some users report that their urine changes in colour (becoming green or bright yellow) once they start to take the multivitamin. WeAreFeel alleviate customer’s worries about this, confirming that this is nothing to worry about. The change in colour apparently indicates that the nutrients are being properly absorbed. 

WeAreFeel is also quick to confirm that Feel Multivitamins are not tested on animals, nor do they include any animal products. And here the feel vitamins review.

Feel Multivitamins Review – Summary

WeAreFeel Multivitamins Unboxed

Our Feel Multivitamins Review indicates that this product has been brought to market by a company with a genuine interest in the wellbeing of their customers.

WeAreFeel seem committed to offering a multivitamin that only contains good quality ingredients, and are keen to make sure people know exactly what they are consuming. 

This transparency leads us to believe that WeAreFeel have created their product based on comprehensive scientific research and laborious testing.

There’s also the added bonus of agreeable customer reviews, and the fact that WeAreFeel seem devoted to providing a product that’s not only affordable but also environmentally friendly. 

Multivitamins in general, are dismissed by some as “faddy” however, when taken over a period of time multivitamins could give you a much-needed health boost.

When taken alongside CBD products this boost could be even more prevalent. If you need a lift, Feel Multivitamins seem like a good buy, and are well worth a try. 

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