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  • They offer CBD and CBG oils, as well as hempseed products
  • All their products are made locally at Warwick Farms in the Channel Islands
  • They only use hemp which they grow themselves at their farm in Jersey


  • Their range of products is not very large, seeing as they only have CBD and CBG oil and hemp powder

Jersey Hemp Review – One of the few CBD brands on the market that grows their very own industrial hemp, Jersey Hemp strives to provide only the best and healthiest CBD products to its customers.

Have they managed to do that? This Jersey Hemp review is here to find out.

At A Glance:

One of the first things you will notice about Jersey Hemp is that they do not have the widest range of products out there.

However, that is not the main focus of the brand because they definitely have some interesting things to offer. Here they are:

  • Jersey Hemp is one of the few CBD companies in the UK that grows its very own industrial hemp instead of importing it from other countries.
  • All the industrial hemp they use is grown organically at Warwick Farm, in the Channel Islands.
  • According to the company’s statements, the hemp they use has been grown without using herbicides, pesticides, or non-organic fertilisers, to make sure all the resulting CBD products are as healthy as possible.
  • Their CBD products do not contain any THC, as mentioned on their website.
  • Their product range includes CBG oil, a sought-after type of oil that they also produce on site in the Channel Islands.
  • The company has published all their third party lab results on their website where they can be accessed by everyone.
  • Jersey Hemp offers free delivery on every order.

As a CBD enthusiast, your interest might have been sparked by these positive aspects about the brand. Here are some details about their shipping and delivery.

Free Delivery
On All Orders

Fast Shipping
1-3 Days

14-Day Returns
For Unopened/Undamaged Products

Jersey Hemp has quite a few things to offer to all CBD shoppers. But it’s time for this Jersey Hemp review to look at the pros and cons of shopping regularly from their stores.

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Jersey Hemp Strengths

Jersey Hemp Review

Undoubtedly, the biggest strength when it comes to this brand is the fact that they grow all their industrial hemp, unlike most British CBD companies who have to import it either from the EU or from the United States.

This is a very important aspect for you as a consumer because it means that the brand has absolute control over the primary materials that go into the CBD products. As a consequence, you can rest assured as well that you know what you are buying, where the hemp came from, and how it was cultivated.

Not only that, but another strength for the brand is that they strive to cultivate all their hemp in a very positive way.

This means that, according to their own statements, they never use pesticides or herbicides, as that would ultimately affect the CBD products themselves.

Building on that, 10% of the land their farms own are organically certified, while the rest belongs to local farmers that work with the company in growing industrial hemp. This is also very good news as far as this Jersey Hemp review is concerned. 

An important thing to mention that matters so much to the world of CBD products is the fact that Jersey Hemp publishes all their third party lab results on their website.

Therefore, you can feel free to check them out and see exactly what you are buying. This full disclosure and transparency is a major strength.

This Jersey Hemp review also has to mention the fact that the company offers free delivery on all products and for every order. This does not stand solely for the UK, but for every other country in Europe where they deliver. As you are probably aware, this is not something commonly found in online shopping, so you might enjoy it.

Jersey Hemp also has a few brick and mortar stores where you can go check out their products, which is also a pro, although the fact that they offer free delivery might make it easier just to order online.

Jersey Hemp Weaknesses

Since this is an objective Jersey Hemp review, we have to mention the fact that their product range is not very large, which could put you off as a shopper. 

Jersey Hemp only offers CBD and CBG oils, as well as a few hemp powders. Therefore, if you don’t like CBD oil as a product and would like to indulge in edibles, if you are looking for topicals, vaping liquids, or pretty much anything else, this will not be the brand for you.

However, nothing more can be said in the sense of weaknesses about the brand, so let’s take a look at their products.

Products Available

As mentioned above, their selection of products is quite small, so let’s go through it and see what details we can gather.

Jersey Hemp CBD Oils

Jersey Hemp CBD oils

When it comes to the classic CBD oil, Jersey Hemp offers two options – Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Hemp CBD Oil.

The Full Spectrum CBD Oil is made from organic hemp as well as organic hempseed oil. Being full spectrum, the oil can provide an entourage effect, as per the brand’s own statements. 

It does not contain any THC, can be consumed by vegans, is non-GMO, and does not have any gluten. Apart from that, as stated on their website, the CBD oil is suitable for pets.

This product comes in four varieties, at four different price points, as follows – 10ml bottle with 500mg of CBD for £40, 20ml bottle with 1000mg of CBD for £70, 10ml bottle with 1000mg of CBD for £70, and 20ml bottle with 2000mg of CBD for £120.

The Jersey Hemp CBD Oil is different from the full spectrum one in that it’s made from 99% pure isolate CBD that has also been mixed with organic hempseed oil. As a result, this product is a little bit cheaper, but won’t have the same entourage effect or full benefits of the hemp plant as the full spectrum one. 

Nevertheless, according to the brand, the Hemp CBD Oil is nutritional, tasty, and a great addition to your daily diet if you wish to keep it healthy and balanced. 

The product comes in the exact same choices as the full spectrum oil with only a small difference price wise, which means it will cost you a few pounds less per bottle.

Jersey Hemp CBG Oils

Jersey Hemp CBG Oils

As opposed to the CBD oil, the brand only offers one option when it comes to its CBG oil – a 10ml bottle which contains 500mg or 5% CBG for the price of £40. 

The oil is made with organic hempseed oil as well as Cannabigerol (CBG) Isolate, and does not have any THC, according to the brand’s official website. The product is suitable for vegans and people who follow a gluten-free lifestyle, is non-GMO, and has no dairy or traces of peanuts.

However, there is no mention on the part of the company that you might be able to feed it to your pet, so it’s best to refrain from doing so.

Jersey Hemp Hempseed Products

Jersey Hemp Hempseed Products

In this category, the company offers two very interesting products. One of them is quite unique – a 5l hempseed oil bottle for the price of £48. According to the brand, this can be a healthy and fantastic replacement for your more typical olive oil when cooking light meals or for dressing salads and pasta. 

As per their own statements, the oil is high in Vitamin E as well as antioxidants, minerals, carotenes, and other beneficial ingredients that can help you balance a normal diet.

One 5l bottle contains 180 servings as long as you follow the recommended 30ml per serving. 

The other product they offer in this category is the Jersey Hemp Hempseed Protein Powder. It has 50% protein, 13% fibre, as well as a plethora of other nutrients, minerals, and healthy fats.

The brand suggests you should add the powder to your cereal, yoghurt, porridge, or baked goods. It has low sodium, sugars, and trans fats, but it’s very high in Omega 3 and 6. The powder is suitable for vegans and gluten-free individuals. 

One 500g pack contains 17 servings of 2 tablespoons each and it retails for £15.

Jersey Hemp Reviews

Great to see this plant being locally grown, harvested and turned into beneficial products. Jersey Hemp is leading the way in the British Isles to embrace the medicinal properties of cannabis.

Gordon Hunt. via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Ace service, Ace Product, Ace team. Fast delivery and product exactly as described. Five stars.

Proteus Maximus via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Is Jersey Hemp Safe?

The Jersey Hemp company kindly asks you to understand that their products are not meant to replace a healthy, varied, and balanced daily diet. At the same time, no CBD products are intended for the use of pregnant or lactating women. 

The CBD oils or other products should not be used if the seal is broken and should not be given to children. Some of the products could cause a loss of appetite, dry mouth, or drowsiness. We kindly ask you to subscribe to these requirements. 

However, seeing as the brand is determined to grow their own hemp and to make the best CBD and most natural CBG products available on the British market, we feel safe to recommend them to you.

Jersey Hemp Discount Code

Jersey Hemp Discount Code

At the moment of writing this Jersey Hemp review, there are no sales on their official website. However, it’s worth keeping an eye out because some of the products could go on sale at any point.

Still, the company does offer 20% off your first purchase if you join their newsletter. At the same time they also have a subscription system in place. This means that if you subscribe for a monthly delivery of your favourite product, you can get it at a lower price.

Please be aware that this is not the case for every product in the Jersey Hemp line, but merely a selected few.

Jersey Hemp Review – Summary

Now that we have reached the end of this Jersey Hemp review let’s see where they stand. The best and, probably, unique thing about the brand is the fact that they grow all their industrial hemp.

This will allow you to rest assured that the CBD you are enjoying on a daily basis comes from a safe and organically-farmed place.

On the other hand, their range is quite small. Which means that, apart from CBD and CBG oil and Hemp powder, your taste for CBD products might not be satisfied by this brand in particular.

Still, the quality of their products and the care they take in creating and developing them make this a brand worth trying.

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