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  • The CBD oils are made in the UK and starter kits are available
  • The oils come in different, innovative flavours such as chocolate and hazelnut, and raspberry
  • The products are priced at the lower end when compared to other CBD brands


  • A small range of products that only includes CBD oils and capsules
  • Their official website has almost no information on the company, where the hemp comes from, lab results, and no blog

Enhance CBD Review – A company with an interesting business model and a special approach to CBD products.

Enhance CBD offers CBD oils as well as CBD oil starter packs in different strengths aimed at beginner consumers. 

This Enhance CBD review will put their ideas to the test and see if they are worthy of your attention.

At A Glance:

The first thing our Enhance CBD review noticed is that the brand only offers CBD oils and CBD capsules. Some CBD enthusiasts might see this as a poor range of products.

But you can also interpret it as the brand’s way of dedicating their entire attention to creating a single, fantastic product. 

Here are some more key facts:

  • According to their own statements, their CBD oils and capsules are produced in the UK.
  • All of the brand’s products are natural, organic, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and non-psychoactive.
  • The brand states that their products are ‘lab-tested.’ 
  • Enhance CBD products can be bought as stand alones or in starter packs.
  • The CBD oils come in different flavours, such as chocolate and hazelnut, raspberry, and original.
  • Their extraction method does not use any chemicals in the process.
  • The company is assured by the Cannabis Trade Association.

If you like all these qualities that Enhance CBD can bring to the table, here are some more:

UK Shipping
Standard & First Class

Fast Delivery
Same Day Dispatch (depending on option chosen)

30-Day Returns
For unused products

As with any objective and good review, this Enhance CBD review must look at its strengths and weaknesses as well. The brand is quite balanced when it comes to both.

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Enhance CBD Strengths

One of Enhance CBD’s strengths is the fact that it offers starter packs, which is not something you see very often with CBD brands.

Their main product is CBD oil, which you can purchase on its own, if you so desire. But a very interesting thing the brand has to show for itself is the starter packs they have built.

There are many reasons why the idea of the Enhance CBD Starter Pack might appeal to you. Each box contains three glass containers that hold 1ml of CBD oil each. Every bottle comes in a different strength. This allows you to test the perfect CBD oil for your needs and order again based on that.

You can also order the Starter Packs in whichever flavour you find most appealing – Original, Chocolate and Hazelnut, or Raspberry.

Another pro when it comes to the Starter Packs, is the fact that they are very cheap, as are the Enhance CBD products in general.

A single one retails for £9.99. All of these aspects make the Starter Packs as well as Enhance CBD a great brand for beginners.

Other strengths of the brand, on the whole, include the fact that the products are made in the UK, as per their own statements. They are GMO free, completely vegan, and do not have any chemicals they might have acquired during the extraction process.

Enhance CBD Weaknesses

As interesting as the brand might be especially for beginners, it does have a few cons worth looking at as part of any Enhance CBD review. 

The main thing that might put you off is the lack of diversity when it comes to their range. At the moment of writing this Enhance CBD review, they offer only CBD oils and capsules. 

Therefore, if you are a fan of CBD, but don’t quite get along with it in the shape of oil, you might have to look elsewhere.

Apart from that, the brand doesn’t offer much in the way of information when it comes to the source of the hemp they use. The official website states that their products are made in Britain, which is outstanding. However, there are no further details on where and how the primary materials were grown.

There is also no extra information on the company itself and whom the people behind it and the products might be, other than the fact that it was established in 2019.

The brand does state that all their products come with lab results, but they are not available. Their official website, in general, lacks information on all accounts which shoppers could benefit from.

Products Available

Let’s take a look at the Enhance CBD Oils and Capsules and find out more details on each of them.

Enhance CBD Oils

Enhance CBD Oil Starter Pack

When  it comes to Enhance CBD oils, the brand offers two categories – traditional and flavoured. Both are the same, except for the price and the flavours, of course.

The Enhance CBD Oils are 100% natural and premium quality, according to the brand’s statements. The extraction process the company uses does not involve any chemicals, so that no harmful agents can make their way into the final product. 

All the CBD oils are suitable for vegans and are GMO-free. According to the instructions you can find on the brand’s website, 2-5 drops twice every day should suffice a balanced diet or intake of CBD. 

The oils are full spectrum, which means that, besides CBD, they also have flavonoids, terpenes, fatty acids, as well as other plant-based oils. These extra ingredients can provide therapeutic value if taken properly. 

Traditional CBD Oils come in Low, Medium, and High options as far as strength is concerned. You can buy them in 5ml or 10ml bottles for £19.99 or £29.99 respectively.

The Enhance Flavoured Oils come in Raspberry and Chocolate & Hazelnut.

They are perfect for people who don’t particularly enjoy the traditional taste of CBD or who simply want to treat themselves to something delicious. 

A 5ml bottle of Flavoured Oil costs £29.99 while a 10ml one retails for £59.99. The flavoured CBD Oils are also full spectrum. 

Enhance CBD Capsules

Enhance CBD Capsules

The brand also sells CBD Capsules. They come in small bottles that contain 30 capsules. One single capsule holds 10mg of CBD. According to the brand, they are neutral tasting and offer you the chance to self-indulge in your daily CBD habits in a more discreet way. 

A bottle with 30 capsules costs £19.99 while one that holds 60 capsules costs £34.99. All capsules have the same strength no matter what type of bottle you buy.

Enhance CBD Reviews

Possibly the best CBD oils I’ve tried, the flavours are lovely and the 10% strength is perfect for helping me relax and drift off to sleep.Alredy planning my next order!

Cathy Davies via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Absolutely amazing service and product – my sleep has become so much better and I sleep through the night with no problems. Would 100% recommend to anyone. The raspberries flavour is also amazing.

Cara via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Is Enhance CBD Safe?

The brand has a warning notice on its official website explaining that their products are not intended to cure, treat, or diagnose any illness you might be suffering from.

To that, we would like to add that Enhance CBD products as well as CBD products in general are not meant to replace a well-balanced diet.

They are also not meant to be used by any persons under the age of 18, people who are pregnant or breastfeeding. 

Apart from these precautions, Enhance CBD is a well-established brand that has been certified by the CTA. Since they are members of the Cannabis Trade Association, we feel safe as well in recommending them to you.

Enhance CBD Discount Code

About Enhance CBD

Firstly, it’s important to mention that Enhance CBD products are already cheaper than most you will find on the British market. 

Secondly, the brand offers a very interesting discount system. Here’s how it works.

If you buy their Starter Pack, which holds a small bottle of each of their oils, and retails for £9.99, you will get the chance to discover you favourite product.

Once you do, and you return to the website to purchase said product, Enhance CBD offers you a 30% discount code for that particular CBD oil. 

At the moment of writing this review, Enhance CBD does not offer any other discounts or sales. But keep your eye on their website, because they might come up with new discount systems such as the one they already have in place.

Enhance CBD Review – Summary

Let’s end this Enhance CBD review with a few conclusions that might help you make up your mind whether this is the right brand for you or not.

Enhance CBD has a great Starter Pack system which allows you to try all their products at once. Not only that, but once you’ve settled on a favourite and return to buy it, the brand generously gives you 30% off.

This is a fantastic concept, as it will speak volumes to beginner CBD enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the company has a very small range of products which only consists of CBD Capsules and 4 CBD oils – a traditional one and three flavoured oils. Despite the fact that trying flavoured CBD oils could prove exciting, the brand could do with a few additions to its line.

All in all, Enhance CBD is a brand that might appeal more to beginner CBD lovers than to seasoned ones, so keep that in mind when you shop.

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