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  • High quality source materials tested in every batch
  • All the hemp used is organic and non-GMO
  • All the products are manufactured in Switzerland from legally sourced hemp


  • There are no lab reports shown on their website
  • The brand currently only produces and sells CBD oils
  • They currently only have three options of their CBD oil to choose from

CBII CBD review – A British brand that prides itself in selling only the highest quality CBD oil on the market, legally sourced and completely non-GMO.

But is that enough given their very small product range? This CBII CBD review aims to find out for you.

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At A Glance:

What the CBII CBD Oil brand lacks in range, they surely make up for in quality. Or, at least, this is what they state on their official website. 

The number one reason why the company believes you should choose their products over all the other is the fact that their CBD oils are second to none in quality given their source and manufacture process.

Here are some more details you might find interesting.

  • The CB11 oils are produced in Switzerland and bottled in the UK, in partnership with Linnea SA, a Swiss producer.
  • They chose the partnership with Linnea because they have pharmaceutical experience and quality certification.
  • Their oils go through independent testing for every single batch, which according to their claims, makes them the best quality-wise.
  • All the CBD they used is extracted only from non-GMO hemp that has been grown legally in Europe and which can be traced back to the plant and culture it came from.
  • The CBIICBD Oil products are vegan-friendly.
  • Their range uses recyclable packaging.

The conclusion we can draw from this first glance at CBII CBD Oils is that they strive to provide high-quality CBD oils while working only with the best European producers.

If that is enough to convince you, here are some more details you will need to place an order on their website.

Free UK Shipping
On orders over £25

Customer Support
Online and via the phone

14-Day Returns
But only if the product is unopened

Now that we’re acquainted with this brand, it’s time to take a more in depth and objective look at their CBII CBD review. There’s only one way to do that – a comprehensive pros and cons list. Here are the CBII CBD reviews.

CBII CBD Oil Strengths

CBII CBD review

One of the things that makes the CB CBD II Oil brand stand out is the fact that they only use organic, non-GMO, and legally sourced hemp for their products. It is, in fact, the main thing the brand is centred on and how they distinguish themselves from other CBD products on the market.

Another strength is the fact that, according to their claims, their oils are full spectrum, something that some other CBD manufacturers don’t offer. This means that their oils also have terpenes and cannabinoids, making them even better quality-wise.

One of the things that makes the brand unique is their high standards, as they like to put it themselves on their official website. What does that mean? That CBII CBD Oil relies on scientific testing, a very thorough process of manufacturing its oils, as well as controlled agricultural and cultivation methods (otherwise known as GACP) to create their products.

All environment lovers out there will be happy to find out that the CBII CBD Oils come in recyclable packages, something that definitely puts them above other brands that don’t offer this conscientious choice.

CBII CBD Oil states they will add more products to their range in 2020, which is definitely good news. They plan on adding CBD supplements and an entire line of skin care, all launching in the same year.

CBII CBD Oil Weaknesses

While it may be true that CBII CBD Oil focuses on the quality of their products, there is no further evidence of that on their website. In fact, their official website is somewhat lacking in that department on the whole. There is very little information to be found there.

Unlike other CBD brands who provide certifications, researches, and lab results, the lack of information in this case means one simply has to take their word for it when they mention the products are non-GMO or come from legally sourced hemp growing cultures. 

Another weakness is the fact that, despite advertising recyclable packaging, their oil bottles do have plastic caps on them. This is something you need to take into account if you want to recycle them or are having a waste-free lifestyle.

Their product range is very small. At the moment of writing this CBII CBD review, they only provide CBD oils that come in three options. They mention on their website that they plan on launching a CBD skin care line as well as CBD supplements, but there are no details for that. So let’s look at the products in more detail.

Products Available

As mentioned above, CBII CBD Oil currently provides only CBD oils. There are three options available, but they are not distinct. In fact, it’s the same oil, but with different CBD strengths. So we will look at them as one.



The company currently sells one single type of CBD oil that is available for purchase in small, 10ml bottles and different CBD strengths.

You can opt for the 100mg strength CBD oil that the brand advertises as being for beginners on their CBD journey. Priced at £29, the oil is out of stock at the moment of writing this review, which means you will have to watch out for it if you wish to purchase it. 

Their 200mg bottle of CBD oil costs £39 and is identical to the first one except for the CBD strength. So is their 500mg one, which retails for £59.

All the oils are vegan and gluten free. When it comes to dosage, according to the brand, the small bottle has a dropper. Each drop is 0.05ml and has 2.5mg of CBD. This will make your daily intake a lot easier. 

All the CBII CBD Oil products have less than 0.02 THC and are meant to be stored at temperatures under 25 degrees Celsius, seeing as they are oils.

Is CBII CBD Oil Safe?

According to their official website, the CBII CBD Oils are meant to be used as food supplements.

On the same website, the brand kindly asks you not to exceed the recommended intake, not to use their products if you are under the age of 18, pregnant or breastfeeding, and not to replace food, a healthy diet or your current prescribed medication with any CBD products.

No food supplements are meant to treat, cure or diagnose any illness you might have. We kindly ask you to understand the same things. However, seeing as CBII CBD Oil is a brand that focuses so much on the quality of their products, we can recommend their products to you as supplements. That is why we make these CBII reviews for you.

CBII CBD Oil Discount Code

CBII CBD Discount Code

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The company also offers its shoppers 10% off when you sign up for their newsletter. You can use this discount for any product you want. At the moment of writing this review, there are no other sales going on. However, you can keep an eye on their site and look out for flash sales.

CBII CBD Review – Summary

We have reached the end of our CBII CBD review. So, what’s the conclusion? While we love the fact that the brand focuses so much on quality, both of the source ingredients and of the final products, we would also like to see more details about it on its official website.

In the same way, there is no doubt that the CBII CBD Oil products are worth the money, but the line could be expanded so that it includes more products.

The company has promised a skin care line as well as supplements in 2020, so until then we can recommend their CBD oils to you.

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