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  • Lab reports easily available for all products on their website
  • Family-run business that puts emphasis on the quality of their products
  • Free next day delivery on all orders and fantastic customer support


  • High popularity means the products are often out of stock
  • Only stock a few oils and a CBD cream

Blessed CBD Review – A family owned and run British business that focuses on quality and not on quantity.

Also, they desire to focus only on the UK market and produce just CBD oils and creams so that they can make these products the absolute best in Britain. 

Has that been the best choice for the brand? This Blessed CBD review aims to find out.

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At A Glance:

The Blessed CBD brand currently ranks as one of the highest in the country according to publications such as The Mirror, Herbmighty, Reader’s Digest, and Manchester Evening News.

They have all been taken with the company’s dedication to quality as well as the undivided focus they want to give both to the British market as well as to the simple line of products they are putting out.

Here are some more interesting details for you.

  • The Blessed CBD only sells CBD oils and creams. Not because their production line is small, but by their own volition. According to their official website, it is the only way to make sure they are producing the best CBD oils and creams in the UK.
  • The brand does not cater to a wide shopping clientele. In other words, you cannot simply order off their website. Instead, you will have to subscribe to a waiting list. In this way, The Blessed CBD wants to focus only on a few batches at a time and deliver the highest quality as possible, as they put it.
  • All their products are tested in an independent third-party lab and you can check out the results they have published on their website.

Blessed CBD is, without a doubt, a special company that that has transparency and quality as its core values. So if you’re planning on getting your name on their waiting list, you will also need to know the following.

Free UK Shipping
On all orders

Fast Delivery
Next day or same day in some locations

14-Day Returns
Full refund guaranteed

Blessed CBD Strengths

Blessed CBD Review

As expected, the brand has many strengths to be proud of but the number one thing we can mention here is the quality of their products. 

As stated on their website, Blessed CBD is a family owned and run business that does not focus much on quantity or even marketing of their products. Instead, they have placed quality at the heart of their business. 

A few things came out of that. First of all, they specialise in CBD oils and creams so that they can provide the best products on the market, according to their statements. 

Second of all, they only cater to a select audience of customers. The reason is that they only produce a few batches at a time. This is the only way in which they can reach the level of quality they desire. 

Apart from that, all the CBD oils and creams that come out of their production facilities are tested by an independent third-party lab. The results are open to the public and can be read on their official website.

Speaking of the website itself, it can be counted as another strength on their part. If you browse it, you will find all the info you need in a very accessible manner.

From the story of the company to an extensive and detailed list of their products to information about CBD in itself and instructions on how to use it and incorporate it in your own lifestyle, the website has it all.

Some other strengths that we have to mention in this Blessed CBD review are the fact that the brand is so transparent about their process and lab testing, as well as the fact that the website has a blog where you can read interesting pieces about the world of CBD.

The brand also ranks high when it comes to customer support and delivery. They offer non-stop customer support via their website or through their Facebook messenger. The delivery is free and fast – next day delivery on all orders or same day delivery if you live in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Blessed CBD Weaknesses

Since this is an objective Blessed CBD review, we have to say that there aren’t so many cons to this brand. The only thing you might find a little off-putting is that because of the brands popularity, products are often out of stock. When they are, you’ll need to join a waiting list before you can order.

Another con could be the idea that they only produce CBD oils and creams, meaning you won’t find any edibles, sprays, teas, or capsules with this brand.

Products Available

Now that we’ve mentioned their specially tailored line, let’s take a look at some of the Blessed CBD oils and creams.

Blessed CBD Oils

Blessed CBD Oils

In the CBD Oils range, the company currently sells three types – the 500mg, blessed CBD oil 1000mg, and the 1800mg. Therefore, the oils are all the same, it’s just the strength of the CBD that differs. Here are the blessed CBD oil reviews.

In fact, as far as ingredients go, the only two ingredients listed on their website for the oil are Hemp extract and Hemp seed oil. This ensures you will get a very concentrated and clean CBD oil. 

You can order different quantities of CBD Oil from Blessed CBD. They have a unique yet very handy way of allowing you to order. For example, you can choose a single 10ml bottle that costs £44.95. Or you can choose a 3 month supply for £109.95 and a 6 month supply for £219.95. 

As always when you order larger quantities, the supplies will help you save money – £25 on the 3 month one and £50 on the 6 month one.

Blessed CBD Creams

Blessed CBD Cream

As opposed to the oils, the brand only has one CBD cream, which is called the Pain Relief Cream. It retails for £69.95 and packs a whopping 750mg of CBD in 50ml of product.

The brand instructs you to use the cream in case you are feeling pain, discomfort, or if you are simply tired after a long day. Rub some of the cream into your skin, your joints or the areas where you feel the discomfort and, according to them, you may start to feel some relief. 

The Blessed CBD Cream comes in two choices size wise – a single 50ml container that costs £69.95 and a 3 month supply, which you can purchase for £184.95 and save £25 when you do.

Blessed CBD Reviews

Hi, I have been using the 1800mg CBD oil for anxiety and it has literally worked wonders for me! I highly recommend trying this oil because it really does work! Many thanks.

C** via 5-Star review

After trying probably 10 different brands of cbd i come across blessed, i ordered the 1000mg, its by far the best cbd ive used. I work in construction, helps with aches and pains, also been sleeping better. Chuffed with this product.

Stu Po*** via 5-Star review

Is Blessed CBD Safe?

The Blessed CBD oil UK has a disclaimer on its website. They kindly ask you not to use their products if you are under 18, pregnant, nursing, or under any treatment for fear of interactions with medications. Please consult your physician before starting a CBD course. We subscribe to this disclaimer.

Seeing how much work the brand puts into delivering only the highest quality products to their customers as well as how transparent they are about their work, you can feel free to order from their website. You can also read the blessed cbd reviews.

Blessed CBD Discount Code

Blessed CBD Lab Reports

The site offers you a 10% coupon code if you register your email with them. Apart from that, you will be able to save up to £50 on your orders if you choose supplies for three to six months as opposed to single bottles.

Blessed CBD Review – Summary

So what’s the conclusion now that we have reached the end of this exhaustive Blessed reviews? 

Even though you might find the ordering process a bit tedious, given the fact that they only have a handful of products in stock and you have to get your name on a list before you order, there is no doubt that the Blessed CBD is one of the best CBD brands in the UK.

The attention and focus on quality they offer as well fantastic customer support, free and fast delivery for every order, and high-quality CBD products are all reasons that determine us to recommend Blessed CBD to you as one of the top when it comes to CBD oils and creams.

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