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  • A very large range of products that varies from oils to edibles, capsules, and beauty products
  • TheDrug.Store is a hub where you can purchase CBD products from different brands as opposed to a unique label
  • They have three brick and mortar shops in London


  • Such a vast array of products and brands can be a bit confusing if you’re a first time buyer or user of CBD products
  • The quality of the CBD on offer varies significantly depending on the brand

TheDrug.Store Review – A very large hub or department store, as the name suggests, with both an online presence and three physical locations in London where you can purchase a wide variety of CBD products.

This TheDrug.Store Review aims to let you know all the ins and outs of this store and how easy it is to navigate for both beginners and seasoned users of CBD products.

At A Glance:

Simply put, TheDrug.Store is a British retailer that sells CBD products both in the UK and in Europe. Their aim, as stated on their official website was to curate the massive amount of CBD infused products on the market so that they could offer only the best to their customers.

  • TheDrug.Store gives you the possibility to shop both online or in one of their three brick and mortar stores. They are located in Chelsea, Marleybone, and Notting Hill.
  • Their range of products is close to gigantic. At TheDrug.Store, you will find almost everything you are looking for in terms of CBD, from chocolate to pollen, gel capsules, an entire range of cosmetics, mints, oils, suppositories, mists, and everything in between. The fact that all of it is in one place surely makes shopping a lot easier.
  • Some of the brands TheDrug.Store holds include Apothem Labs, Lucent Botanicals, Medterra, Foria, Plant People, Yuyo Botanics, Pollen, and more.
  • TheDrug.Store also sells accessories such as face rollers, neck pillows, sensual toys, incense holders, and incense sticks.

As you can see, TheDrug.Store does not cater to a single niche or category of people. Almost anyone can find what they are looking for here since their offer is so large. Here are some additional details you might need.

UK Shipping
£3 for Standard and £5 for Express

Fast Delivery
Next day delivery on orders placed before 12pm

14-Day Returns
Short money back guarantee period

So far then, this review of TheDrug.Store is showing some promise. A wide range of products and fast delivery make for a good base to work from. But let’s find out how they do when we delve in to more details.

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TheDrug.Store Strengths

TheDrug.Store Review

Without any doubt, TheDrug.Store’s main strength lies in its unbeatable range. It will be difficult to find another CBD seller that offers more products on a more varied scale than this one.

The top reason is that TheDrug.Store is not a brand in itself. Rather than that, it’s a store, as its name clearly suggests, that resells CBD products from a plethora of other brands.

Therefore, you will be able to buy almost anything you want, ranging from edibles to skincare items, to accessories and oils, all infused with CBD, of course. Or you can buy them all at once, in a single purchase, which is another major strength for them, saving you time.

TheDrug.Store offers two buying options – online and physically. This caters to a wider audience of customers. Therefore, those who wish to purchase their CBD products from the privacy of their homes may do so on the website. While those who want to taste and smell them or who need some assistance can visit one of the three shops in London.

The reseller also offers bundles and gifts. They contain all types of products, from skin care to intimate items. They can be purchased as a present and usually come at a discount or are on sale.

TheDrug.Store Weaknesses

In our TheDrug.Store review, as is sometimes the case, we found their main strength is also its weakness. The fact that the reseller can offer you so many CBD products from so many brands can be a fantastic opportunity for some customers. But it can also prove quite confusing for others, especially if they are first-time buyers or users.

Other brands of CBD products typically have a smaller range that focuses on a certain niche or need in the market. This allows the customer to understand perfectly what those products cater to. With such a vast array of items, you can have a hard time choosing which one is right for you.

Another con is the fact that the prices are slightly higher, as is always the case with resellers. Take that into account when shopping.

TheDrug.Store does indeed have three physical locations, but they are only accessible if you live in London. The rest of the country still has to do all the shopping online, which can be quite restricting.

Products Available

We’ve mentioned many times in this TheDrug.Store Review that they have an extensive line of products. Therefore, let’s take a look at some of them.

We can’t list them all here because of their large number, so please visit their website for more details. But here are some of their most interesting CBD products they offer.

TheDrug.Store CBD Oils

TheDrug.Store CBD Oils

TheDrug.Store sells their own proprietary blend of CBD oil as well as other brands. The house Hemp CBD tincture is tasteless and perfect for people who have never tried CBD before, as the website claims. A 500mg bottle has 16mg/ml and costs £32.99.

They also offer CBD oils from other brands such as the following. The CBD Tincture from MedTerra is also tasteless, so that you don’t have to worry about the ‘earthy’ taste CBD has. A 500mg bottle costs  £34.99. The Oil Droppers from Infinite CBD are perfect if you want to blend them with your drinks or food. A 500mg bottle costs £28.99. 

These represent the lower end of the spectrum for CBD oils price wise. The rest of the brands are pricier.

TheDrug.Store CBD Edibles

TheDrug.Store CBD Edibles

In this range, you won’t find a Drug Store proprietary product, but you will find other brands and items such as the following. 

Gummies from CBD Distillery which are vegan, taste sweet and fruity and are marketed as having one of the highest contents of CBD per edible on the market – 30mg per gummy. One pack of 25 gummies costs  £49.99. 

The CBD Vitamin Spray from Simplex comes in three options – a complex of Vitamin C, D, or B, all packed with CBD. Normally, the spray costs £19.99, but at the moment of writing this Drug Store review, it is on sale for £4.99, which means you can catch a sale as well.

The CBD Milk Chocolate from Paso costs £12 and has 75mg of CBD in 85g of chocolate. There is no THC content at all.

TheDrug.Store CBD Skincare

TheDrug.Store CBD Skincare

The Age Renew Moisturiser from Flore is a daily moisturiser infused with CBD but no THC. It claims to soften the skin for the price of £49.99, while being on sale at the moment for £19.99.

The Female Monthly Wellness Cream from Dr. Kerklaan is yet another CBD product aimed at women you can buy at TheDrug.Store. This non-greasy cream has to be used topically on your abdomen during your particular time when you feel the need. Enriched with hemp, vanilla, and verbena, the cream states it will sooth your aches.

When it comes to skincare, you can also purchase a CBD Balance Body Oil from OTO for £69.99, Unplug CBD Bath Salts from Apothem for £65, a Blemish Cream from Myaderm for £19.99, and many other products.

TheDrug.Store CBD Capsules

TheDrug.Store CBD Capsules

TheDrug.Store also provides capsules as one of the easiest ways to enjoy your daily CBD. The brands they carry are MedTerra which sell CBD Gel Capsules for £64.99, CBDistillery and their Softgels for £54.99, and Infinite CBD and their Capsules for £16.99.

But they also market gummies in this category from the brand Pollen and mints from Lucent Botanicals and MrMoxey as well as CBD lozenges from Florance.

Other Accessories

In case you want to get all your shopping done in one place, TheDrug.Store can cater to that. They also sell accessories such as the Organic Cotton Face Cloth from MODM for £18 or the Natural Jade Face Roller, one of TheDrug.Store’s very own creations.

But you can also buy incense sticks, body sea sponges, brass incense holders, personal toys, eye pillows, and neck pillows, for yourself or as a gift.

TheDrug.Store Reviews

Brilliant product and good amount of stock. Always arrives promptly and good price point

I will keep on buying from this trusted seller

Debbie Wilson via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Excellent products at reasonable prices. I could do without the “Drug Store” packing tape (some discretion works be welcome!) but that’s only a minor issue. On the whole, highly recommended.

Bez23 via 5-star review on Trustpilot

Is TheDrug.Store Safe?

For your own safety and well-being, TheDrug.Store advises you on their official website not to use any of the products that they sell instead of actual medication. They are also not meant to cure, prevent, or diagnose any illness you may have. 

TheDrug.Store kindly asks you to consult your physician before you start a new diet with any of the products in their range, especially if you happen to be pregnant, lactating, or under current treatment. 

None of their products should be used by children under the age of 18 and the reseller asks you not to exceed a maximum of 200mg of CBD per day.

As usual, we kindly ask you the same thing, all for your safety. That being said, seeing as TheDrug.Store is a well-established reseller of highly curated CBD products that receives positive reviews and has a wide range to choose from, we are happy to recommend them to you.

TheDrug.Store Discount Code

TheDrug.Store Discount Code

TheDrug.Store currently offers two types of discounts. You can benefit from the Student, Youth & Apprentice Discounts which means 15% off if you’re a student or aged between 16 and 25. 

But you will also get 10% off for first your first purchase, as a new customer.

At the moment of writing this review, TheDrug.Store is also offering a New Year Sale – 15% off if you use the discount code NY15. Plus, many of their standalone products are also on sale. On the whole, this means that you can find other such discounts and sales if you keep an eye on their website. 

Even though they have an Affiliate program, TheDrug.Store does not offer a discount for affiliates, influencers, and creators. However, the base commission off these purchases is 22%.

TheDrug.Store Review – Summary

In conclusion, what has TheDrug.Store Review brought to light? The fact that it’s a well-stocked and supplied reseller of CBD products with both online and offline shopping options. 

The wide variety of products will save you time and energy seeing as they are all in one place. However, taking into account TheDrug.Store is a reseller, the prices might be a bit higher. 

Their physical shops are located only in London which could be a bit of an inconvenience, but the enormous range of CBD items to choose from will make up for that.

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