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  • Claims to sell the highest specification full spectrum PCR CBD oil in the UK
  • Most products are vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Good range of products to choose from including CBD chocolate and drinks


  • To get free shipping you'll need to spend at least £100
  • Higher quality products come with a higher price

1CBD Review – They claim to sell the highest specification full spectrum CBD oil in the UK, but is this really the case? Find out in our detailed 1CBD review.

At A Glance:

Excellent reviews on both TrustPilot and Google make for a promising start. The wide range of products available and the free delivery on orders over £100 add more positives for 1CBD.

Here are some of the key facts:

  • Products are 100% organic and most are vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Uses high quality hemp grown outdoor in the Colorado sunshine
  • Operate a ZERO THC policy ensuring full legal compliance
  • Claim to deliver the highest specification PCR CBD Oil in the UK
  • Offer a range of products including oils up to 40% strength

1CBD is looking fairly solid then, so far. Let’s take a look at what else you can expect from them…

Free UK Shipping
On orders over £100

Fast Delivery
Next day delivery available

30-Day Returns
On unopened products

So, nothing to put anyone off here so far. Let’s move on to a more detailed look at the pros and cons of 1CBD

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1CBD Strengths

1CBD Review

There are a few things we need to cover in our 1CBD review, but let’s start with the potency of the product since the company claims to have the highest specification full spectrum PCR CBD oil in the UK.

That claim comes from the fact they hand pick high quality hemp and then extract (using medical grade CO2) the CBD in small batches. They claim their process allows all the beneficial cannabinoid, terpenes, terpenoids and amino acids to remain intact.

Is it any better than you can get elsewhere? Well, it depends what you’re comparing it to.

There’s no doubt this is an extremely high quality product. It’s definitely better than much of what you can buy, yet there are also other high quality products available. Whether 1CBD is the best of them all is really a matter of opinion.

What they do guarantee is that their products contain ZERO THC.

This is actually quite a strong claim and sets them apart from many of their rivals who, while still being below the legal threshold, do still tend to include at least a small amount of THC in their products.

In terms of customer support, 1CBD do pretty well. They have both telephone and email support and are UK-based with their offices being in Manchester.

1CBD Weaknesses

While there is a lot to like about 1CBD, there are still a few negatives to be aware of. For instance, their website doesn’t offer a Live Chat function. It’s by no means a deal-breaker but it is a slight disappointment for a site that’s clearly put so much thought into their website.

Perhaps the bigger concern then is the fact you’ll need to place an order in excess of £100 in order to receive free shipping. Given some of their competitors are offering free shipping on all orders, that’s certainly going be a negative unless you’re placing a larger order.

A further potential negative is that some customers have reported the taste of the CBD oils can be quite strong and disliked. However, there are now some flavoured options available (such as peppermint oil) which should alleviate these concerns somewhat.

Products Available

Now seems like a good time to dive into the actual products that 1CBD sell. We won’t go into detail about the full range but we will pick out the core details about some of their most popular products to give you a good idea of what’s available.

Here are the main products you’ll want to consider…

1CBD Pure Hemp CBD Oils

1CBD Oil Review

One of the things we particularly like about 1CBD is the range of different oils available. There’s something for everyone as you can get 1CBD oil in strengths of 5% (Lite Edition), 10% (Bronze Edition), 20% (Silver Edition), or 40% (Gold Edition).

If you’re not sure which is the right strength for you, they sell a tester pack with 1ml bottle of each strength (excluding the Lite Edition).

Each oil uses only full spectrum CBD so you’re getting the best possible effects. There is also a wealth of information on the website about the ingredients and product analysis results for each type of oil. This transparency is very re-assuring and shows 1CBD have nothing to hide.

The main bottles of oil are available in sizes of 1ml, 5ml, or 10ml.

1CBD Softgel Capsules

1CBD Capsules

The 1CBD Capsules are an interesting option, particularly for those who dislike taking the oil in its pure form. You still get the dosage of CBD you require but in an easy to swallow softgel capsule.

There is a 10mg capsule or a 25mg capsule available. If you want even more bang for your buck there’s a 25mg capsule that also contains 10mg of curcumin.

The CBD you’re getting with the capsules is of the same quality as the CBD you get when you buy the oil, it’s purely the delivery method that differs.

1CBD Edibles

1CBD Edibles Review

Now, we are quite impressed with what 1CBD offer in terms of CBD edibles. A few online stores offer some kind of CBD sweet but 1CBD offer both gum drops and CBD chocolate in addition to cans of fizzy CBD drinks.

With the CBD gum drops you get 10mg of CBD per drop with a recommended dosage of 1-2 drops per day. They aren’t, therefore, sweets you can nibble on throughout the day.

It’s a similar story with the chocolate as you get 300mg of CBD per 100g of chocolate so you will need to limit your intake. There are also three different flavours of chocolate to choose from.

With the fizzy CBD drinks, each can contains 10mg of CBD so you can drink it like any normal drink. Like the chocolate, there are three different flavours to choose from.

1CBD Reviews

Fantastic service. Quick delivery and answered my questions immediately. Ive had no problems with the product, well packed and tasted great. I feel a difference already from using the product. Will definitely order again.

Alexis Hartigan via 5-Star Trustpilot review

My favourite CBD oil! I’m using 1CBD since 2 month – and I feel really good. I have a fantastic sleep and in the morning – when I wake up, I’ll be in a top form right away!

Andreas Bankler via 5-Star Trustpilot review

Is 1CBD Safe?

As always, anywhere selling CBD products should be treated with suspicion until you’re completely satisfied they are fully legit and above board.

The first thing to check is the level of THC in the products is below the UK legal limit of 0.2%. Our 1CBD review has found there are no problems with that here since 1CBD operate a ZERO THC policy.

Secondly, you need to check they are a UK company that has a good level of favourable reviews. Once again 1CBD pass this with flying colours.

Therefore, we have no qualms in recommending 1CBD as a safe place to buy CBD products.

1CBD Discount Code

1CBD Discount Code

You can currently claim a 15% discount on spends on over £50 using the discount code below:


One slight criticism of 1CBD could be that their prices aren’t the cheapest around. That’s almost entirely down to the level of quality. You simply get what you pay for when it comes to CBD.

However, if you want to save a few quid without compromising on quality, the 1CBD discount code above will help you do that.

1CBD Review – Summary

1CBD Review Summary

That brings us to the end of our 1CBD review. As you’ve seen, this is a CBD store that makes some pretty bold claims about the quality of it’s CBD, but it does also seem they can back them up. The downside is that quality comes at a cost and so they aren’t the cheapest CBD vendor around.

However, they are one of the few stores that operate a ZERO THC policy. Essentially that means there is no risk of breaking the law or getting high from any of their products.

You can get free shipping, though you’ll need to spend at least £100. However, that’s not too difficult to do since they have a good range of products available including drinks and chocolate.

All in all, 1CBD is a strong contender when it comes to finding the best UK CBD store. As long as you’re aware of the few negatives, there are plenty of advantages that should make your experience a positive one.

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