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  • The brand and all its products were created by a neuroscientist
  • All the ingredients used are natural and were not grown using pesticides or chemicals
  • Their oils have delicious tastes so they can be consumed as is


  • The brand’s product range is quite limited, though it is gradually expanding
  • There isn't much information about the company on their website (lack of transparency)

Dr. Ed CBD Oils Review – A UK brand that sells a small range of CBD oils created by a neuroscientist with the intention of helping relieve such ailments as stress, pain, and anxiety.

In this Dr. Ed CBD Oils review we will try to find out if their claims hold true and if this will become one of your top brands.

At A Glance:

Dr. Ed's CBD

Dr. Ed CBD Oils is a British brand created in 2018 and based in Manchester. One of their main claims to legitimacy and high standards in the CBD market is the fact that they have actually worked with a neuroscientist to create the four oils that they currently sell.

If you’re planning on buying or using any of them, here’s what you need to know:

  • All the hemp they use has been grown in California in a completely natural way, without the help of pesticides or other such chemicals.
  • The brand prides itself in providing some of the purest products on the CBD market, as they put it. In other words, what you see on the label is exactly what you get, thanks to their claimed extensive lab research.
  • Dr. Ed also states that they produce lab reports for all the batches that come out of the brand’s production facilities. In this way, you know exactly what you are using. 
  • Their four oils aim to provide relief for such problems as stress, anxiety, and pressure. Which is why they are called Focus, Relief, Calm, and Energy.

As a consequence, if you believe you fall under any one of these categories, Dr. Ed CBD Oils are worth considering. The brand also offers the following.

UK Shipping
Orders shipped Nationwide

Customer Support
Via email or phone

10% off if you subscribe to emails

The brand is certainly positioning itself as a modern one that aims to cater to both people in need and influencers alike. However, this Dr. Ed CBD Oils review has to be objective. So let’s look at the pros and cons.

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Dr. Ed CBD Oils Strengths

Dr. Ed's CBD Oil

Undoubtedly, one of the most important things that speaks in favour of the Dr. Ed CBD Oils range is that they have been created with the help of a chemist and an actual doctor.

Dr. Ed stands for Dr. Edward Jones, a neuroscientist who lent his knowledge and expertise in the field to create the range alongside the NextGen360 laboratories and his partner, Alex McMillian.

Another major pro for the brand is how well-regulated the production of the oils is. One of the founders of Dr. Ed CBD Oils, Alex McMillian, stated that he struggled with anxiety for many years and turned to CBD for help. However, while taking it, he found that the results were inconsistent as many of the products on the market were labelled or dosed incorrectly.

This is what led to him creating the Dr. Ed products with the utmost care. This is also why the brand has a very clear policy of ‘what you see is what you get.’ They do not want their customers to be confused or misdirected by the labels or percentages on the CBD oil packages.

In terms of delivery, if you order before 1pm then the chances are your order will be shipped the same working day. Orders are sent via Royal Mail signed for and typically take another 3 working days to arrive.

Another great thing about the brand is that its creators are actively lobbying with the UK government to enhance quality control on all CBD products existing on the British market. This could put your mind at ease when it comes to the Dr. Ed products themselves.

Dr. Ed CBD Oils Weaknesses

No Dr. Ed CBD Oils review would be complete or fair without taking a look at their weaker spots, so what are theirs? For starters, their official website is lacking greatly.

Most of the information presented above can be found there, but in an article written about them in the Manchester Evening News. While being mentioned in the local newspaper can be a sign of legitimacy, it would be even better if the brand made all this information readily available on their own website where their customers can access it easier.

Another weakness for Dr. Ed is that they have a limited product range. At this moment in time, they mostly sell CBD oils but do now also have a muscle rub, bath salts, and capsules as they gradually expand. Which brings us to this.

Products Available

Seeing as their products range is quite small, as mentioned above, let’s review all four of them, so you can have all the details you need.

Dr. Ed CBD Oil – Calm

Dr. Eds CBD Oil Calm

The brand states that the Calm version of their CBD oil is their most popular one. It is meant to be a THC-free tonic that they created in order to bring you peace and serenity should you suffer from anxiety.

The oil is completely vegan, was produced in the UK, and has a fresh taste. The latter means that you can consume it as is. 

This Calm version of the oil comes in different strengths – 250mg / 2.5%, 500mg / 5%, and 1000mg / 10%. But you can also order a 1ml tasting sample. The prices range between £5.00 and £79.99. At the moment of writing this review, the oil is on sale for £47.99, which means you could catch a sale as well.

Dr. Ed CBD Oil – Energy

Dr. Eds CBD Oil Energy

Just as the name suggests, the second CBD oil in the Dr. Ed range is meant to provide you with a little boost when your energy levels are down. As far as the oil itself is concerned, it has many of the same characteristics as its sister products in the range. 

This means that it’s organic, it has not been tested on animals, it was produced in Britain, and it’s vegan.

You can choose between different levels of energy – 250mg / 2.5%, 500mg / 5%, and 1000mg / 10%. As usual, you can also order a 1ml tasting sample. The price is the same – between £5.00 and £79.99.

Dr. Ed CBD Oil – Focus

Dr. Ed CBD Oil Focus

The specifications of this oil are exactly the same, since it belongs in the same range as the others. The price point is similar as well, between £5.00 and £79.99, with the CBD oil being on sale right at the time of writing for £50.99.

You also get to choose between the same strengths, the only difference being that the oil wants to cater to people who need to concentrate better on their goals.

Dr. Ed CBD Oil – Relief

Dr. Ed CBD Oil Relief

This version of the brand’s CBD oil does not have a clear statement on their official website much like the other three do. Therefore, customers are free to make a judgement call based on its given name.

However, the oil is stated to have a high absorption rate and no THC. You can choose between the same strengths and prices. At the time of conducting our Dr. Ed CBD Oils review, the relief oil is on sale for £55.99.

Dr. Ed CBD Oils Reviews

This Product has been a god send for me, Allowing me to rest without the severe leg pain I normally get in the evenings…..Thank again and thanks for the discount.

Kaleb Cox

Excellent company to deal with..orders arrive promptly..I’ve ordered many times and never had a problem..keep up the good work guys..thankyou.

Jean Astall

Are Dr. Ed CBD Oils Safe?

As is industry standard, the company has a disclaimer on the main page of their website stating that no person under the age of 18 is allowed to use or sell their products or any products that contain CBD.

They also state that their products or any products in general that have CBD are not meant to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any illness. The company urges you not to use the products if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and always see your doctor if this is the first time you are using CBD or if you are already taking prescription medication.

Evidently, this is our recommendation as well. Apart from that, seeing all the amazing reviews that Dr. Ed has received as well as the fact that they work with a lab and a neuroscientist to develop their products, we can recommend the brand to you.

Dr. Ed CBD Oils Discount Code

Dr. Ed CBD Oils Discount Code

The brand offers you a 10% discount if you subscribe to their email newsletter. You can use the code on your first purchase on the website.

Dr. Ed CBD Oils also has an Affiliate program. The most interesting thing about it is the fact that if you are a seller, influencer or just another website that decides to join this program, you will get a 10% commission for every purchase you bring in. 

However, if you are an influencer or content creator joining, you will have to contact Dr. Ed directly and ask for a discount, as mentioned on their official website.

Dr. Ed CBD Oils Review – Summary

Dr. Ed's CBD Order

Let’s conclude the Dr. Ed CBD Oils Review and see where they are positioned. The stand-out thing about this company is their ongoing battle about regulating the CBD market in Britain and making the production process more transparent.

This ultimately means that their own products have been made with extra care.

On the other hand, the lack of information on their website as well as their limited product range could represent a losing point for some customers.

Still, one cannot deny that their range of Dr. Ed CBD oils have been developed with the help of doctors and chemists and that might be enough to recommend them as a good CBD oil producer.

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