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  • One of the few brands that offers CBD oils for pets
  • Prices are lower than most other brands
  • None of their oils have the classic hemp taste


  • The brand only produces and sells a small line of CBD oils
  • Lack of information available about where they source their hemp and how their oils are produced
  • There is a general lack of information about how safe it is to give the pet CBD oil to animals

Phocus CBD Oil Review – a brand that wishes to help anyone who is feeling stressed, anxious, in pain, or has difficulties concentrating by offering them their top of the line CBD oils. 

It is also one of the few brands that produces CBD oils for pets, which certainly drew the attention of this Phocus CBD Oil review.

So let’s find out more details about them.

At A Glance:

The Phocus CBD Oil brand focuses, pun intended, on a very simple, yet extremely efficient, so they say, line of CBD oils. 

  • According to them, their products might be able to reduce pain perception, reduce the anxiety and stress you are feeling on a daily basis, help you concentrate, and allow you to rest better at night.
  • The company also states that their line of CBD oils can help people who suffer from epilepsy, although they do not link this to any medical studies or researches to that extent.
  • The oils they produce do not have any THC in them, therefore, you don’t run the risk of ‘getting high’ so to say.
  • You will also be getting CBD oils that are 100% GM-free, according to the brand’s official website.
  • Speaking of the website, if you care to browse through it, they also have a section called ‘Learn,’ where you can find articles on how to use CBD oils, what they are made of, and everything in between.

If the details above have convinced you it’s time to get your own Phocus CBD oils, then you will definitely need the following info for the order.

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Phocus CBD Oil Strengths

Phocus CBD Oil Review

As simple as it is, the brand holds quite a few strengths which this Phocus CBD Oil review has been able to unpack. 

One of the main things worth mentioning is the fact that their oils come in both pure and full spectrum options. This will allow you to choose which one is better for your lifestyle and your personal needs.

The full spectrum Phocus CBD oils are rich in over 100 phytocannabinoids as well as terpenes and flavonoids. While the pure oils are 99.5% CBD. According to the brand, they are better for relieving chronic pain, as well as for any user who wants a higher dose of CBD.

Another strength this brand presents to their customers is the fact that they also sell CBD oils for pets. This is not something you will encounter so often with other brands.

Phocus CBD Oils states that the product is perfect for relieving their pain and anxiety, for memory, energy, mood, and sleep among others.

You will also be pleased to know that Phocus CBD Oils come in a wide variety of strengths which is also not very common. Their oils vary from 3% to 15%, meaning that they have a choice for every type of user.

Phocus CBD Oil Weaknesses

We couldn’t possibly put together an honest Phocus CBD Oil review without looking at the brand’s weaknesses, so here they are. 

First of all, even though it’s a great thing they sell CBD oils for pets, there is no documentation on the website that proves one can safely feed CBD to cats and dogs. This is why every shopper has to do so at their own risk. 

In fact, unfortunately, the Phocus CBD Oil website lacks in this department completely. There is no information concerning the source of the hemp, how their oils are produced, where they are made, if it’s in Britain or somewhere else or where the products are tested.

Products Available

Since we have already mentioned that the brand only produces CBD oils, let’s take a closer look at them.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Phocus Full Spectrum CBD Oil

This CBD oil has more than 100 phytocannabinoids in its composition. This includes CBC, CBDa, CBGa, CBN, and CBG. But it also has the added benefits of terpenes and flavonoids, all the natural extracts you can find when CBD is extracted for the first time from hemp.

Not only that, but the oil is also combined with tasteless coconut oil to make it light and remove the earthy taste that hemp has and which many people dislike. 

The Full Spectrum CBD Oil comes in a 10ml and a 30ml option. You can choose your preferred strength between 3% and 15%. The price for a 10ml bottle starts at £19.99 while the price for a 30ml bottle starts at £49.99.

Pure CBD Oil

Phocus Pure CBD Oil

As opposed to the full spectrum CBD oil, the pure one does not contain all the extra phytocannabinoids, flavonoids, or terpenes. If you choose this type of oil, you will get a 99.5% pure isolate CBD.

According to the brand, this can be the best option for your lifestyle if what you need is a higher dose of CBD on a daily basis. But also if you need to relieve symptoms of pain and anxiety seeing as the pure isolate CBD oil is fast acting, as the company puts it. 

However, just like all the oils Phocus produces, this one has coconut MCT oil in it as well. They add it to give the final product a lighter and fresher texture but also to remove the natural hemp taste.  

The Pure CBD Oil comes in a 10ml bottle that starts at £19.99 and a 30ml bottle that starts at £49.99.

Pet CBD Oil

Phocus Pet CBD Oil

This is the true revolutionary product that makes the Phocus brand stand out and which caught the attention of this Phocus CBD review. 

The Pet CBD Oil is a pure type of CBD oil that, according to the brand, will help your furry friend in case it suffers from anxiety, troubled sleep, stress, memory loss, mood swings, low energy, a problematic immune system, or a slow metabolism. 

The oil comes in 30ml bottles and retails starting at £17.99. You can purchase it in three different strengths: 0.5%, 1%, and 3%. The oil does not have any THC, terpenes or flavonoids, and is GM free.

Phocus CBD Oil Reviews

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil has well and truly changed my quality of life. Before I tried hemp oil I suffered from really bad anxiety. Phocus Hemp Oil has given me the calm that has been missing from my life for so many years.

Linda via 5-star review on the Phocus website

Back pain used to stop me from being able to do everyday stuff, simple things like driving to work. Hemp oil relieves my pain making it possible to be more like the old me.

Richard via 5-star review on the Phocus website

Is Phocus CBD Oil Safe?

The brand displays a disclaimer on their website. The products they sell are not intended as a cure, treatment, or diagnosis for any disease. Please see your doctor before starting a course of supplements. We kindly ask you to do the same thing. 

Since the brand has good reviews and presents high quality products aimed at caring for its shoppers, we can recommend their website to you as one of the top CBD producers in Britain.

Phocus CBD Oil Discount Code

Phocus CBD Rewards

You will get 15% off your first order when you enter the discount code FIRSTPH15 at the checkout. 

You will also get 10% off when you refer a friend. The discount applies both to you and the person you have referred. 

The company also has an interesting Rewards programme. For every product you buy, they will award you Phocus Points that you can then spend on your next order. 

You get 50 Phocus Points for free when you sign up and 20 Phocus Points when you share one of the brand’s products on social media. 100 Phocus Points equals £10 off your next purchase. You can go as high as 300 points, which means £30 off.

Phocus CBD Oil Review – Summary

Let’s conclude this Phocus CBD Oil review with a few objective remarks. The high points definitely include the fact that the brand sells CBD oils for pets, as well as the fact that you can buy their oils in a large variety of strengths, from 3% to 15%.

The oils are also priced quite low compared to other CBD brands on the market.

However, the company only sells CBD oils, which might prove a little tricky for shoppers who prefer capsules or edibles. Even so, the brand’s high-quality products and low prices are enough to allow us to recommend them to you.

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