How to Vape CBD e-Liquid

How to Vape CBD e-Liquid

Many people are vaping CBD e-liquid already. Because of its direct and fast impact on the condition they’re trying to alleviate.  If you’re already a Vaper of (nicotine),  then this is going to be so easy for you. But if you’re new to vaping, relax, it’s going to be an easy ride as well. 

That’s why we’ve put this piece together to help you learn how to vape a CBD e-liquid. 

Vaping on CBD juice is becoming the norm for CBD users. Of course, studies have shown that THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in Cannabis plants. Since CBD is non-psychoactive,  CBD e-liquid doesn’t have any nicotine effect even when vaping. You just enjoy it like a therapy session while it goes to tackle the health problem you have.

But before you start vaping, there are things you need to know about how to vape CBD e-liquid.  Let’s take it from the top and run you through basic information like:

  1. What CBD e-liquid is
  2. How to vape on CBD e-liquid 
  3. What you need to know about vaping 
  4. Benefits of vaping on CBD e-liquid 
  5. Choosing the right CBD liquid and vaping device.                                   

What CBD e-liquid is 

You already know that cannabidiol, also called CBD, is one of the two basic naturally occurring components present in Cannabis plants that don’t intoxicate.

CBD e-liquid is a mixture containing CBD extracts from the industrial hemp plant (as legally approved). It is mixed in edible food additives PG and VG,  with a nice flavouring added to elevate the taste in your mouth as you vape.

PG is propylene glycol, a food additive without odour, colour and has a slightly sweet taste and runny texture. While

VG is vegetable glycerine which is a bit thicker in texture with a sweeter taste. They’re both safe for use as you can find them in food products, cosmetic products and medications.

However, CBD vaping liquid isn’t the same CBD oil you apply on the skin or drop into your mouth. These two mustn’t be mixed up. Because vaping liquids are sometimes called vaping oil, new users are getting confused by both terms.

CBD e-liquid also called CBD juice is primarily for vaping while CBD oil is used topically or as a tincture. If you put regular CBD oil in your vaporiser it’ll burn when it heats up. Causing it to degrade and lose potency.

What you need to know about vaping

Vaping is a way of using a vape device or e-cigarette to inhale e-liquid into the lungs. Vaping on CBD juice is the same but with the absence of nicotine. Cbd e-liquid is non-addictive because tobacco is not a part of its ingredients. Instead, nicotine is replaced with CBD extracts for health benefits. 

Since CBD e-liquid is made solely for vaping, it doesn’t burn even by reaching its ideal 200-230°c temperature. When the coil in your vaping device gets heated up, the PG and VG liquid produces the puff that you get when vaping. because it has been mixed in the right liquid.

How to vape on CBD e-liquid 

When vaping for the first time you must get it right. Doing it wrongly may give you a sour first experience and can be discouraging. 

So here’s how to vape CBD e-liquid.

  • Choose the right device. If you’re new to vaping,  it’s ideal you choose a vaping starter kit. It’s easier for beginners. It also has to support the vaping style you opt for.

Two styles of vaping CBD juice is the direct-to-mouth method where you inhale with your mouth and gently drag the puff through your lungs then exhale. The other is the direct lungs method. With this, you inhale straight to the lungs and exhale. This style is best for those already vaping.

  • Pick your desired e-liquid. Cbd juices are available in different flavours for you to enjoy. And like CBD oil it comes in broad-spectrum,  full-spectrum and CBD isolate. If you’re concerned about THC traces, you should decide which to go for at the start. 
  • Watch your dosage intake.  Again, unless you’re already used to vaping you want to mind the amount you begin with. You don’t know yet how your body will respond to CBD. While there’s no known dangerous side effect, everybody’s response differs. 

Start slowly and gradually add to your dose. High doses may lead to tiredness and nausea. Consider waiting for at least 5 minutes before inhaling another puff. That’ll give you time to observe your body’s response.

If you choose to use a refillable pen/pod, here’s a step to help you use it.

  • Fill up the vape with the CBD juice you got
  • Fix the pod based on the device instructions
  • Put the device mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale the puff, drag it through your lungs and exhale. For some, you may have to press the vape button before you can take a draw.

Benefits of vaping CBD e-liquid 

You already know CBD contains loads of wellness and therapeutic benefits.  So you may wonder, why bother vaping CBD e-liquid when the benefits are the same? 

But there’s more to vaping CBD juice. Here’s why

Vaping CBD juice is the quickest way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. A high advantage that CBD e-liquid has over other CBD products is that it doesn’t have to be digested. Unlike oils and edibles that have to be processed in the liver and digestive system before you start feeling the effect.

CBD e-liquid is bioavailability.  Which means the body absorbs it much better. As you inhale it during vaping, it goes to the lungs and travels through the bloodstream giving fast relief. Also,

  1. It’s ideal for emergencies during seizures and epilepsy attacks 
  2. It soothes chronic pain instantly 
  3. It makes you relax quickly when taken in high doses, curbing insomnia. At least you can go to sleep well and faster too.

CBD e-liquid is also best because it doesn’t leave a smell trace on someone who just vaped. 

Choosing the right CBD e-liquid and vaping device

Once you’ve decided to start CBD vaping, it’s time to pick the right vaping device and e-liquid. Just as there’s low-quality CBD oil there are also low-quality vaping devices that don’t match approved standards. 

Making the wrong choice means throwing your money away. It can also endanger your health while vaping with it.

First things first. Stop buying wellness products from black markets and anywhere that can’t demonstrate trust.

When picking your vaping device be sure to buy from a reliable source. A trusted brand that is licenced and open about third party laboratory testing. 

The two common vaping tools are vaping pen and pod which is best suited for mouth to lung vaping. Its components are the battery, a refillable tank and the coil. The coil heats the e-liquid, producing vapour. 

The other is the box mod. It’s a bigger device with a sub-ohm tank. It’s more complicated and best for direct lung vaping.

Lastly, you have to choose the right CBD e-liquid.  Make sure you’re not consuming one packed with nicotine and THC.

Q and A on how to vape CBD e-liquid 

Q. Is vaping CBD e-liquid safe? 

A. Vaping CBD liquid is considered safe so far, though more research is still ongoing. CBD vaping juice doesn’t contain nicotine so it’s non-addictive and non-intoxicating. It stays within the legal 1mg THC trace level per bottle- for the full spectrum category. It’s just a faster way of getting relief for health conditions.

Q. Can I vape on topical CBD oil too? 

A. Only if you don’t mind inhaling hot oil into your lungs and also burning your throat. So the simple answer is No! You can’t and shouldn’t vape on “regular CBD oil”. 

Why? Because it’s made for oral use only. To be applied topically and as a drop on or under the tongue. The one for vaping is called CBD e-liquid or CBD juice. 

Q. Is there a dose for CBD e-liquid?

A. The CBD dose you take may depend upon 

  • Your health conditions.  Whether you’re experiencing chronic pain, constant seizure attacks, acute insomnia etc. serious health problems may require higher doses for better relief. 
  • The CBD e-liquid strength. The potency of CBD juices is stated on the product labels. CBD liquids with higher potency may require you to use smaller amounts at a time.
  • Your body weight. Clearly, people who weigh more might not feel the effects of smaller doses. It’s the same with pharmaceutical drugs. 10-30mg daily may just be ideal. However,  always check the product label or website for such details.


Vaping on CBD juice is fast becoming the norm recently. Many people are using CBD e-liquid because of the quick impact it has on health conditions.

Without any nicotine and THC, vaping on CBD e-liquid goes through the lungs and straight to the bloodstream instantly relieving health conditions like seizures,  chronic pain, insomnia and many health problems. 

Vaping CBD can be seen as a therapy that promotes wellness. Hence, it’s important to know how to vape CBD e-liquid correctly.

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7 Facts You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy CBD

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