Is CBD Oil Legal in Spain?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Spain?

Spain is a fairly liberal country but you never want to take any chances with travelling anywhere with CBD oil. If you’re wondering, “Is CBD oil legal in Spain?” then we’re here to give you all the answers. We’ve looked over the laws to give you all the information you need.

The short answer to the question is yes, CBD oil is legal in Spain. However, the longer answer can be more complicated. While Spain roughly follows the rules of the European Union, it also applies its own laws.

Thankfully, we’re here to help. Once you finished reading, you’ll know all about Spain’s CBD laws and you’ll be able to travel in confidence. Let’s get started!

Is CBD oil legal in Spain?

Spain is a significant grower of hemp and its products. However, they are more focused on exporting to the foreign market to maintain the legality of the cannabis grey zone. The truth is, it’s a complicated subject. This is because most of the regulations can be overcome through technical loopholes.

So is CBD oil legal In Spain? Let’s start with growing cannabis. If you want to grow it for commercial use, you may not: it is prohibited in Spain and a criminal offence. You can cultivate hemp for your personal recreational use, but that’s it.

When it comes to CBD oil, it’s a little different. The sale of any product for internal use containing CBD is not allowed in shops. CBD products that are for external use, such as skin cream, are allowed. The most important thing is that all products must only have 0.2% THC or less compared to many other countries that allow a maximum of 0.3% THC.

In Spain, these regulations are controlled by the European Food Safety Authority and Spain’s own regulatory body, AEMPS. So let’s dig a bit deeper into how these laws affect the distribution of CBD oil in Spain.

The law on buying CBD online in Spain

Spanish laws on CBD are a little confusing. You’ll find that CBD is easily available online and you’ll have no issues getting it delivered to your address. There is a wide range of online sellers who make getting CBS oil quite easy.

However, you may only buy CBD online in Spain for medical purposes. It’s still technically illegal to sell CBD commercially for human consumption, which is where the confusion comes from. At the same time, it’s not something that is really policed in the country.

While you may find cannabis online stores selling products, it is technically prohibited to commercialize them for consumption. What’s clear here is that the risk lies with the online store and not with you.

It’s worth remembering that you can grow cannabis in Spain, as long as it’s for personal use. So, in practice, you shouldn’t have any issues if you’re in possession of CBD oil for any purpose.

The law on buying CBD offline in Spain

Spain is seen as a fairly relaxed country when it comes to its laws around hemp and marijuana. That being said, the sale of CBD in online stores is an area that needs to improve as it’s rather contradictory.

You’ll see CBD products in the shops but it will be for products that are meant for external use. These products need to have a THC content of 0.2% or less.

Even though it’s technically illegal, you may find that some shops and street vendors sell CBD oil for internal use as well. They know that the laws are not really enforced but you may struggle to find somewhere that sells exactly what you’re looking for.

If you want to use CBD oil in Spain, then you’re better off buying it online or taking it with you before you get into the country.

Is it legal to grow hemp in Spain for CBD?

Yes, it is legal to grow hemp in the country. Anyone can grow it as long as it’s for personal use. This is great news for those living in Spain and has even led to the opening of cannabis clubs where people happily take their own products.

There are about 500 clubs if you are over the age of 21. The exciting thing is that these clubs conduct a non-profit business without issues from the law. However, you must be a Spanish citizen to go there.

The Spanish regime recently adjusted the old laws on hemp cultivation. There are now 25 official cannabinoid strains allowed for medical use. As is the case with all hemp products, the THC content of dried products must be under 0.2%.

You may cultivate hemp for personal purposes as long as no one can see your plants. You’re not allowed to cultivate it for commercial use and, therefore, you aren’t able to buy hemp legally anywhere in the country.

THC percentage rules

As the legal requirement of THC is 0.2%, many people wonder if it is legal in Spain to buy products for medical use with more THC. The answer is no. While the self-governing regions in the country made some allowance for using it in medical products, the THC percentage rule still applies. It is still legal to harvest hemp for personal use as long as the THC content is under 0.2%.

Yes, all this may seem strange for a country that is a hot spot for cultivating hemp and one of the main European hubs for cannabis. In addition, Spain is also the country hosting “Spannabis,” one of the most significant cannabis events in Europe.

Travelling to Spain with CBD oil

If you’re worried about travelling to Spain with CBD oil that has a low amount of THC, then you shouldn’t be. The laws are relaxed so if you wanted to take some CBD on your holiday, then you’re not going to have any issues. Taking CBD oil is probably going to be easier than trying to buy it in the country.

That being said, you do want to double-check those THC levels. As long as they are below 0.2%, you’re not going to have an issue. The laws on cannabis, hemp, and CBD in the country focus much more on commercial cultivation and manufacture rather than personal use. Spain has very relaxed laws on personal use and therefore you can travel with confidence.


Is CBD oil legal In Spain? Well now you have the answer: it’s complicated. Spain doesn’t sell it for internal use but does have relaxed laws on personal possession. You’ll also find a wide range of CBD products that are designed for external use.

Given the way things are trending in Europe and Spain, the laws will hopefully get even more relaxed in the future. For now, if you want to use CBD oil in the country, then it may be best to bring some with you.


Can I take my CBD oil to Spain?

Yes, you can take your CBD oil with you to Spain. Whether it’s legal in the country you’re flying from is another matter but if it’s from the UK, then you have nothing to worry about. You can carry it either in your hand luggage or a checked-in bag. You just need to be mindful about the THC levels, so buy your CBD oil from a reputable source where this can be verified.

Is CBD illegal in Spain?

You can buy CBD in Spain if the THC level is under 0.2% and it’s for external use. In terms of personal use, cannabis is legal and, therefore, you won’t need to worry about CBD. You can even grow your own cannabis in the country.

If your CBD product is for personal use, it’s not illegal. The laws can be confusing in the country but only for CBD sellers. For individuals, the law is quite clear.

Can you take CBD oil on a plane from the UK to Spain?

Yes, you may take CBD oil on a plane when flying in from the UK to Spain. You can carry it in your hand or main luggage as Spain sells several cannabis oil brands. There is no need to declare it, but if you feel safer, you can keep your invoice with you at all times.

Still, your CBD oil needs to observe the 0.2% THC limit. Due to Spanish shops not selling CBD for internal use, it’s a much better idea to take your CBD oil with you from the UK if travelling to Spain.



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