How To Spot Fake CBD Oil?

How To Spot Fake CBD Oil?

Can you tell a fake CBD oil from an original?

Some CBD companies and retailers are lying about the quality of oil they sell.

In 2017 CBD products sold online in the US failed an independent test carried out on them. The test revealed that more than 40% of the CBD oils were wrongly labelled. The level of CBD concentration in the oils didn’t match what was stated on the bottle label. Some exceeded the level of THC claimed to be present in the oil.

Many of these CBD oils were fake.

By now you may have already heard of CBD oil and its healing abilities.

The CBD market has seen an all-time high since its legalisation in 2018. This growth has brought in different players into the market, genuine, and fake.

Because the CBD market is still unregulated, some companies are taking advantage of unsuspecting buyers. Selling fake in place of genuine CBD oil to them.

If you’re a lover of CBD oil how do you tell if the oil you’re buying is original?

Most CBD users don’t know how to spot a fake CBD oil. This guide will teach you how.

How to spot a fake CBD oil

It’s now a known fact that some CBD oils are adulterated. These oils are made from synthetic cannabinoids created in a chemical lab and are known to be more powerful than THC- the active compound that causes a “high” in cannabis. Such oils are being sold in place of original, plant-based CBD oil.

If you make the mistake of buying these synthetic oils you would be losing your hard-earned money and putting your health at risk. To avoid these pitfalls, here’s how to spot a fake CBD oil.

  1. Exaggerated medical claims.

An ingenuine CBD company always makes claims that are not true, researched-based and legal. Because they’re desperate to sell, they would make outrageous medical or health claims like, it cures cancer, it treats health conditions just in one bottle. If you see such over-bloated claims on a CBD product, know that it’s fake. Be sure to know what CBD does and how it works in the body before choosing a brand.

  1. Ingredients read cannabis Sativa seed or hemp seed oil.

Look carefully at the base ingredients. A company that sells fake CBD oil will sell cannabis Sativa seed or hemp seed oil in place of cannabidiol or hemp extract oil. These two are different ingredients and don’t give the same result.

Real CBD oil is extracted from the hemp bud. and is stated as hemp-derived CBD. The cannabidiol in it is isolated from the plant through a special extraction process to get CBD oil. Meanwhile, hemp seed or cannabis Sativa seed oil is ordinary oil obtained from the seed of a hemp plant. The seed is pressed to release the oil. Just like every other regular oil used in cooking.

While hemp seed oil is high in nutrients and good for skincare. It doesn’t contain the properties that produce the wellness effect that real CBD oil gives. Nevertheless, hemp seed oil can be listed as a “carrier oil” only.

  1. Extraction process.

Any CBD oil that’s extracted using solvents like butane, hexane, propane or pentane is fake. This chemical process of extracting the oil always leaves behind contaminants that pose a health risk to you. Extraction processes like these are the cheapest for the company so it’s best you avoid such brands. Using this kind of oil for a long time will lead to more health problems for you.

  1. Old or no CoA.

Fake CBD oil sellers are becoming smart as well. They know buyers may ask for a certificate of analysis, so they’ll have an old one at hand to show you, probably from years back.

A certificate of analysis (CoA) is the result given by a certified independent third-party lab. The report shows that the CBD oil has gone through testing and every ingredient content level has been verified as it is in the oil. With the CoA, you can tell if the oil is original, pure and of good quality. But a fake CBD company will not want to take every batch of oil they produce through a test due to its cost.

They may have an old lab report to show you or make excuses when you ask. If you find the brand you want to buy falls in this category, don’t buy from them. This is the best way to verify the originality of the oil.

  1. Improper labelling of the product.

Fake CBD oils are misleading in their label. The amount of CBD in Mg and the level of THC contained in the bottle may not be clearly stated. If you don’t find a list of the ingredients contained in the oil listed on the label, don’t buy. Such brands may contain synthetic cannabinoids. You can’t be buying blindly when it comes to your health.

  1. Cheaper price tag.

You see a CBD oil that claims 1000mg for £15 and you’re happy you got a good deal? You may just be throwing your money away.

Cheap CBD oils are usually fake CBD oil or hemp seed oil sold as CBD oil. If it’s too cheap, then it’s too good to be true. A 1000mg CBD oil, for example, is the potency of the oil so, will cost more. Don’t be fooled by promo price, and product tasting gimmicks these brands may use. Original CBD oil in its full or broad spectrum with a higher Mg CBD costs more.

With this information, you can now spot a fake CBD oil when you see one. Can you also identify an original CBD oil?

CBD companies that sell genuine CBD oil always follow a standard and are open about their products. They’re willing to give out information at any time and are concerned about the quality of the oil they sell.

You can tell an original CBD oil by taking note of these;

  • They’re open about third-party tests and CoA. a reputable CBD company always undergoes a third-party lab test on its oil and is open about their CoA. To make the CoA easy for buyers to access, a scannable QR code may be made available on their website. Or they’ll be ready to provide it on request. More information about the oil is always accessible on the company’s website
  • The oil is accurately labelled. For an original CBD oil brand, the ingredient that’s written on the label always corresponds with what’s on the CoA. It’s stated whether the oil is broad or full-spectrum with THC levels and other cannabidiol. They also specify the Mg of CBD in a bottle of oil. This is what shows the level of CBD concentration in the oil
  • Uses supercritical Co2 extraction. Original CBD oils are always extracted using the Co2 method. It’s the best process used to extract the compounds and oil from hemp without leaving contaminants in the oil.  With this, the oil is purer and top grade. Some companies may also use ethanol process approved for food companies
  • Uses organic /naturally grown hemp. Original CBD oils are extracted from naturally grown hemp. The hemp will absorb the vitamins and minerals from the soil where it’s grown. Hemp is a bio-accumulator. If the remains of fertiliser, pesticides and other harmful chemicals are present in the soil, the hemp will suck in all these substances which remain as harmful residue in the oil you buy.

Q and A

Q. Where is the best place to buy original CBD oil?

It’s best to buy your CBD oil from health stores or direct from the company’s website. This way you can be sure of the original. Never buy CBD products from street vendors, gas stations, smoke shops, or even Amazon. Because you may not be able to verify the quality of the oil. It’s easy to pick up fake oil from these places.

Q. Can CBD oil be full-spectrum and THC free as well?

No. full spectrum means the CBD oil contains the complete compounds present in the hemp plant. Nothing was removed during the extraction of the oil including the THC. The only thing to look out for when using full-spectrum oil is to be sure the THC doesn’t exceed the legal 0.2% required in the UK.

Q.  What will an original CBD oil be priced at?

An original premium CBD oil doesn’t come cheap. If you’re looking for cheaper, you may fall victim to fake oil, or even buy hemp oil that’s sold as CBD oil. An original CBD oil comes at a relatively good price. Something in-between. Too high or too low might mean it’s a fake oil.

You can easily calculate how much you’re paying per Mg CBD. For example, a 30ml bottle with 500mg CBD could be priced at £35. if you divide the price of the oil by the amount of CBD mg, you’ll know how much you’re paying per mg of CBD.


By now you may already have heard of CBD oil and its therapeutic benefits.

The CBD market has seen an all-time rise since it was legalised in 2018. This growth has led to genuine as well as fake CBD oil being sold everywhere. Due to the unregulated CBD market, you can easily fall prey to fake CBD oil.

Many CBD users don’t know how to spot fake CBD oil. But following the tips in this article will guide you the next time you’re buying CBD oil. You can always check for customers’ reviews as an extra guide.


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7 Facts You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy CBD

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