Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

A 500mg of CBD oil could range from £35 to £45. If it’s certified as organic, the price may double.

New CBD oil users complain of the high price tag on CBD oil. Apparently, you tend to not mind the price after seeing the positive effect it has on your health.

But, why is CBD oil so expensive?

Some studies, just as many CBD fans, tout the many benefits CBD has on conditions such as seizures, arthritis, insomnia, stress, chronic pain, anxiety and numerous conditions. While research on CBD’s full potential is still ongoing, the market is soaring on a global positive high.

The demand for CBD oil is increasing as many look for ways to alleviate their ailment permanently without long term side effects as common with pharmaceuticals. 

This could be, but surely not the only reason why CBD oil is so expensive.

This article explains all you need to know about CBD oil prices today.

Why is CBD oil so expensive

Industrial hemp, one of the strains of cannabis that contain high volumes of CBD, was tagged “dangerous” for human health like marijuana and banned for years. There was fear it could leave the same intoxicating effect that marijuana has on users. But years of research proved CBD is rather beneficial to humans when it was able to cure two rare epilepsy conditions–Lennox-Gaustant syndrome and Dravet syndrome.

In 2018, it was also approved for use as a supplement and it’s already so pricey.

Before CBD was legalised, it was already selling in the black market illegally. The black market price effect still lingers three years after.

While many will love to start using CBD oil for their health problems, the price may be discouraging. Leaving many users with the question of…

Why is CBD oil so expensive?

There are many reasons why CBD oil is so expensive. Some of which are:

A new product with a hype

CBD is promoted for its ability to provide relief for different health problems. For many, it’s like a new solution to something they’ve been looking for. Its numerous properties support overall wellness, causing a high demand for it. But the supply is yet to measure up with the demand.

This is what has created hype around CBD oil. and with anything hyped comes a high price tag.

It’s also been discovered that low-quality CBD oil is being sold over the counter as well. This is what seems to be competing with the price of quality, legit CBD oil.

Once it becomes easy to fish out fake products due to government checks and more suppliers coming into the chain, the price may just lower naturally. 

CBD oil extraction process

Two common processes of extracting CBD oil from hemp is either the ethanol process or the Co2 process. Many producers are using ethanol but it’s believed not to be the best process so far. On the other hand, Co2—a supercritical carbon dioxide process is considered the best, safest and eco-friendly process of extraction. However, it’s more costly.

The C02 extraction is a special way of separating the different compounds in hemp that gives a purer and healthy oil. The process makes use of heated carbon dioxide to a level of 31.1°c containing liquid-gas properties. When the heated carbon dioxide is introduced to the hemp flower, it binds with other compounds in the hemp, extracting them in the process.

This process preserves all other beneficial plant compounds in hemp that work together to give you the “entourage” effect like terpenes, cannabidiol and flavonoids. It’s the best way to guarantee a premium CBD oil.

Brands that want to be known for top-quality CBD oil, use the Co2 extraction method. It’s one reason why CBD oil is so expensive.

Licencing fee and regulations

Today CBD is legal for sale but growing it requires a licence from the home office. Licencing procedures and fees don’t come easy and cheap. Yet, a licence can easily be revoked at the slightest breach of regulations.

The price of getting a licence is as high as £580 and if a compliance visit is needed, the grower pays double that price.

Organic CBD oil requires even more standard regulations and fees to certify it as organic. Then, CBD products are taxed higher than other herb products.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp flowers. but government regulations demand growers to destroy the flowers and leaves of hemp after harvesting the stem and seed. CBD businesses in the UK incur an extra cost of shipping raw materials from America and Europe.

Regulations are increasing the price of CBD oil.  To remain in business these costs must be covered.

Third-party lab test and CoA

A CBD business that wants to gain customer trust and loyalty must show its oil meets legal, safety and quality requirements. by undergoing a third-party lab test on every batch of oil produced. These tests don’t come cheap.

The UK government regulation sets a THC limit not exceeding 0.2%. For a product to be legal, it must go through these tests to check for THC level, amount of CBD, and likely presence of heavy metals, solvents and pesticides. Knowing the true content of the oil helps businesses to avoid mislabelling of products.

Reports from lab tests carried out by the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis show that over 62% of CBD products tested in the UK fell short of the label description. They did not contain the amount of CBD as claimed on the product labels.

Having a certificate of analysis portrays a CBD brand as one with high quality and doesn’t cut corners.

Process of growing hemp

Some growers believe there’s a skill to growing CBD-rich hemp. Things like ideal temperature, soil condition, the amount of water it gets and how to monitor the young seedling to avoid too high levels of THC which may lead to the entire field of hemp being destroyed.

Hemp is a plant that has the characteristics of drawing in whatever is available in the soil where it’s grown. Because of this, hemp may suck in toxins in the soil. Knowing what soil condition to grow in, growing organically and sustainably would likely give a high-quality hemp flower.

Harvesting hemp also requires a special tool called a combine which is expensive and requires skilled workers to operate. This extra care is another reason why CBD oil is so expensive.

How much should you pay for a CBD oil

Cheaper CBD oil may not be of high quality. You have to be mindful of mislabelled products and contaminants that may be present in the oil. Many brands that sell cheap can’t be bothered to go through the rigorous work involved in delivering high-quality CBD oil.

Paying a price within the range of £0.10-£0.25 per mg of CBD (not just per mg) may just be ideal. how much you pay also depends on the CBD oil strength especially if you choose one of the top brands in the UK.

But you can calculate the price you’re paying per milligram of CBD by dividing the retail price by the amount of mg thus ( £80÷1000mg= 0.08).


Some studies, just as many CBD fans, tout the many benefits CBD has on conditions such as seizures, arthritis, insomnia, stress and numerous conditions. Many people are using CBD oil but they ask,

Why is CBD oil so expensive?

Growing CBD-rich hemp and producing high-quality CBD oil requires money and time. CBD oil price depends largely on the growing and extraction process. Licencing fees, regulations, and getting a Certificate of Analysis are part of why CBD oil is so expensive.

Q and A

Q. Which of the CBD oil ranges is more expensive?

Full-spectrum Cbd oil is always the most expensive because of the complete hemp compounds present in it. and its ability to give you the “entourage effect”- the interaction and working together of all the compounds present to give you the full benefit of the oil.

The full spectrum contains all cannabidiols present in hemp, trace amounts of THC, flavonoids and terpenes. The broad- spectrum follows next in price. It has everything a full spectrum has except the THC.

Q. Is there a difference between hemp oil and CBD oil?

Yes, hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same. Hemp oil is extracted from the seed of the hemp plant while CBD oil is extracted from the flowers.

Although hemp oil contains some beneficial nutrients like omega6, antioxidants and vitamins, it has 0% CBD and can’t be used for what CBD oil is used for. It’s usually used as a carrier oil to dilute raw CBD oil.

Q. How can I know the quality of CBD oil? 

Quality CBD oil companies will always be open about their third-party tests report done in an ISO 17025 certified lab and CoA. If you’re buying from an online store, a scannable barcode may be available for you to access the lab report. Also, organically grown hemp will be EU certified.


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7 Facts You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy CBD

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