How Does CBD Vape Make You Feel?

How Does CBD Vape Make You Feel?

If you’ve never tried vaping CBD before, you may be wondering if you should. Especially now that CBD vape is saturating the market. Many people are now turning to vaping, including those who want to quit smoking.

Before you start this journey, how does CBD vape make you feel?

Hyper, tensed or relaxed? If you’re not sure, we’ll help clear your doubt.

The CBD market is one of the fastest-growing in the health and wellness sector. Its products are hyped due to its ability to resolve chronic health conditions people may have been struggling with over long periods. It has properties that support a good sleep pattern, neutralises pain, reduces inflammation, improve your mood and helps you di-stress.

Tinctures are the most popular but CBD vape liquid or juice is fast catching up. Vaping CBD offers a quick relieving effect since it doesn’t need to be digested through the liver.

So if you’ve decided to start vaping this natural therapeutic plant, this article will be your guide to the answers you seek. It also covers key information such as:

  1. What is CBD vape
  2. How does CBD vape make you feel
  3. What you won’t feel with CBD vape
  4. How long does it take CBD vape to have an effect
  5. Common side effects of CBD vape

What is CBD vape

CBD vape is inhaling vapour from vape juice containing cannabidiol (CBD), food-grade liquids-PG and VG, and natural flavours like mint, citrus or any other flavours.

Vaping CBD juice is not the same as nicotine that smokers vape. This is because CBD vape doesn’t contain nicotine, nor does it create burning smoke that releases harmful chemicals into the bloodstream. Instead, the CBD juice is heated to release vapour, which is safer than smoke.

When the coil in the vaping device heats the liquid, it produces the puff you inhale when vaping.

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is a plant-based botanical compound found in cannabis.

  • It doesn’t cause a euphoric feeling
  • is approved for use as a supplement
  • isn’t yet known to cause any harm instead,
  • is regarded as a compound that may be useful in improving health conditions.

So it’s safe for you to try but the question is, how does CBD vape make you feel? Here’s the answer to that question.

How does CBD vape make you feel

One frequently asked question about vaping CBD is “How does CBD vape make you feel”?

Since CBD e-liquid is still new to the vaping market, new as well as former vapers want to know its effects on them.

How you feel after vaping CBD may be personal. depending on the ailment you want to address, your weight and the amount you vape at a time.

So yes, you feel a certain sensation when you vape CBD but that sensation is one of calm and relaxation. For someone who’s stressed, agitated, in pain or suffering from anxiety, this is how CBD vape makes you feel

  • relaxed and calm. CBD vape leaves a relaxing effect on you after vaping. It calms your nerves and you likely end up with a good rest. You can also plan to include it in your evening routines
  • instant relief from pain, seizures and nausea. Because vaping takes CBD straight to your bloodstream, it delivers instant relief from seizures, nausea and pain. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to soothe pains and reduce inflammation 
  •  a boost of daily energy with small doses. CBD can give you an energy boost for the day’s activities when taken in small doses. It’ll also improve your mood, getting your mind ready for the day.

Or you may feel overly sleepy or dizzy. That’s if you’ve exceeded the dose your body can take.

What you won’t feel with CBD vape

Now that you know how CBD vape makes you feel, you should also have an idea of what you shouldn’t feel when vaping CBD.

This will help you know if you’re using the right vape juice. So here’s what CBD vape doesn’t feel like:

  • It doesn’t feel like nicotine. Whether you’re used to vaping nicotine before or not, you may think it’s the same feeling but it’s not. Vaping CBD feels like inhaling flavoured vapour not smoke. 

Smoke and vapour are different. When we heat a liquid to a certain state it turns into vapour in this case, CBD liquid. On the other hand, vaping nicotine is inhaling smoke that is produced when there’s combustion of a substance.

Also, CBD vape doesn’t have the strong throat hit that comes with nicotine. It’s rather smooth and mild to the throat with a natural flavour. 

  • It won’t intoxicate or make you addicted. CBD doesn’t bind to the CB1 receptor, rather it blocks it to prevent an intoxicating effect. For this reason, it’s non-addictive and won’t intoxicate you. Clinical studies further suggest vaping CBD has the potential of reducing nicotine cravings in smokers
  • It won’t make you paranoid or agitated. Unless the vaping juice you use contains nicotine or more than 0.2% THC, you shouldn’t feel “out of this world” when you vape CBD.

How long does it take CBD vape to have an effect

Certainly, vaping has an effect on the body and mind just like CBD tinctures. People who don’t like the taste of sublingual oil and also desire a quick relief for ailments can easily switch to CBD vape instead. But then, exactly how long will it take for the effect to kick-off?

Vaping is the fastest way to get CBD’s effect on your body. When you vape CBD, it is instantly absorbed through the lungs and directly into the bloodstream. 

Within a space of 5-10 minutes into vaping you can already feel the effect of the CBD due to its bioavailability. It doesn’t have to be digested first like tinctures. This is what helps to create a quick relief.

It’s also important to understand your body and the amount of CBD intake that works for you. If you take a puff and do not feel anything during this time gap, go ahead and take another drag. It just means your body requires more dose before the effect can be felt.

Common side effects of CBD vape

Vaping means the most active ingredient in the vape liquid will travel fast into your bloodstream to resolve health issues. But is there a hidden side effect that may accompany this quick action method of taking CBD?

There’s no known, long term adverse effect of CBD although more research is still being carried out in this area. However, for now, a WHO report has concluded CBD is well tolerated and has no dependence effect on users.

As long as the vape liquid you use contains only the right ingredients with no THC or nicotine which intoxicates, you won’t be experiencing any toxic side effects. Regardless, some people may experience very common mild effects like dry mouth, dizziness, diarrhoea and fatigue which may be due to high dosage.


CBD is currently the fastest-growing product in the health and wellness market. Its products are hyped as a result of its numerous properties that aid a healthy lifestyle and improve medical conditions.

CBD tinctures are the most commonly used but, the fast relief vaping has on the body is making many opt for CBD vapes now.

There’s also the question of what feeling you experience after vaping.

The experience of vaping CBD is personal. However, you feel a sense of calm and relaxation when you vape CBD. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to neutralise Pain, seizures and reduce inflammation.

Q and A

Q. Can CBD vape help me quit smoking?

Many people smoke tobacco or nicotine in the world today. For such people, vaping CBD is the best way to quit smoking.

The NHS also supports this claim that vaping helps people stop smoking. But this is especially more effective when you choose a vaping juice that contains CBD instead of tobacco or nicotine. Vaping CBD helps to gradually reduce the level of cravings that nicotine stirs.

Q. How much CBD should I vape daily?

For now, there’s no exact regulated guideline for CBD dose intake. For vaping, it may be even harder to determine what amount to vape at a time. Since vaping has a fast effect on the body, you can watch your body’s reaction after taking at least two puffs or drag.

It’s also vital to note that some vape liquids may have high mg CBD up to 500 or 1000mg. If that’s the case, it’s better to not take too much drag at a time.

Q. Can I develop a tolerance for CBD

Due to the way CBD works in our CB receptors, it’s a “reverse tolerance” that you would develop when you use it regularly. Reverse tolerance means you would require fewer and fewer doses over time because the effect of the CBD has improved in your body.

A simple step to take is to give yourself a break for a few days or reduce the amount you use.


  • Reverse tolerance of CBD

  • CBD helps to reduce nicotine craving

  • Vaping helps to quit smoking


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7 Facts You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy CBD

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