Does CBD Oil Help With Focus and Concentration?

Does CBD Oil Help With Focus and Concentration?

The wonderful benefits of CBD are becoming well known. Thankfully more people are becoming educated about CBD and what it can do. While it has many benefits attached to it, is the ability to help focus and concentration one of them? Here we find out.

The CBD oil properties have been through a hard testing process, and for a long time. With scientifically shown evidence, its positive effect on problems such as anxiety, sleeping problems, and chronic pain led the World Health Organization to proclaim that pure CBD has no health risk.

If you’re needing to study for an exam, want to work better, or struggle to concentrate on everyday tasks, it makes sense to ask the question of does CBD oil help with focus and concentration? Thankfully we have the answers for you.

Along with looking at its focusing qualities, we’ll also look at what else it can do and answer some important FAQs. You’ll soon be an expert on CBD and its relationship to focus and concentration. Let’s get started!

Does CBD Oil Help With Focus And Concentration?

When it comes to CBD for mental focus, the results are very interesting. The effects of CBD usage shown in subjects that it can improve problems regarding anxiety and depression, helping the body relax and improve in some cases the sleep problems they had before tests.

Studies have also shown that the oil was shown to also increase the quality of sleep, improve blood circulation and promote muscle relaxation.

Regarding focus and concentration, a study from 2014 has shown that people that used CBD were able to feel more awake after taking CBD which led to better focus and ability to perceive changes. The research here is quite limited but the signs are promising.

Studies show that CBD oils help hormones such as serotonin and dopamine to be used more effectively by the body, also known as happy hormones, they improve perception abilities and led to a clearer and faster-thinking process.

While CBD may not affect focus directly, it can help with clearer thinking, lowered anxiety, and feeling more awake. That all adds up to a mix of benefits that could be great for studying. Read on as we look further into the question of does CBD oil help with focus and concentration?

CBD Can Improve Sleep Quality

Studies have shown that the usage of CBD was directly linked to better sleep, people that used the oil before the experiment showed signs of better rest, falling asleep faster and even improvements in some cases regarding their dreams.

The hormonal changes have let subjects get better rest in the same time as others that did not use cannabidiol, people that slept for the same amount of time (8 hours) showed signs of better energy in the morning, were also calmer and more productive than those that slept for the same time but did not use CBD.

This is a further link to CBD oil’s indirect ability to help focus. We all know that we think clearer after a good night of rest and CBD oil has been shown to help with that.

Production of Serotonin

People with a higher serotonin level were able to learn information quicker and have a significantly higher perception of changes to stimuli such as color, size, and placement of objects. The benefits of serotonin are very well known.

It can also be attributed to better sleep and reduced anxiety. People that used CBD before testing showed that they had a higher level of energy and improvement in their social skills and teamwork. People that did not use CBD were more reluctant to socialize to determine the changes in their surroundings and showed less social skill and attention span.

The Indirect Benefits

When looking at the benefits of CBD oil, the two main ones that come to mind are its anti-inflammatory properties and also its effect on anxiety. As we’ve mentioned just then, it can also have a positive effect on your sleep quality.

If you need to concentrate then many things may affect you. Anxiety can be a huge barrier to study as constantly doubting yourself and your ability isn’t conducive to effective study. You’ll be thinking about the test or exam more than you’ll be thinking about the information you should be taking in.

Sleep plays a huge role too. While the idea of ‘doing an all-nighter’ and studying until the morning may sound productive, it’s never a good idea. When your brain is well rested, you’ll be able to focus much more clearly on the task at hand.

That’s not to mention pain either. If you have an ailment that is bothering you then it can be extremely difficult to concentrate. Instead of focusing on reading, your mind will continue to wander to whatever pain you have. While the research regarding CBD and focus may be a little thin, all of these indirect benefits will no doubt help.

Can Help Against Anxiety

Usage of CBD has also shown improvement in people suffering from ADHD, anxiety, and depression, the direct effect on hormones led scientists to suggest it helps in cases of severe depression. The increased level of serotonin led people to relax, lose stress and improve the circulation and interactions with stimuli.

It is still considered a medication and so it should not be used irresponsibly, side effects like blood thinning were observed and so scientists consider it as related to medication like Tylenol. Experiments were also conducted on people that had high blood pressure to observe if it can drop the artillery pressure.

For these benefits, aroma-infused scents and even bath bombs infused with CBD have shown fast signs of mind and body relaxation, helping the patient get some rest and reducing anxiety.

It Has No Major Health Risks

Being a natural compound, it is incredibly versatile for patients that may have problems with certain medications and are not able to use them. No major health risks were observed and the World Health Organization declared that no health risks were involved in using cannabidiol.

That led to a better view on the subject and let pure CBD be considered more in the category of natural medication. Having no health risks does not mean that it can be used in inappropriate ways, everything can present health risks if not used accordingly.

There are certain situations in which it is not recommended to use, as it can mix with other medications and risk their effectiveness for certain illnesses. It should always be used accordingly and better to speak with a specialist regarding special use.


Extracted from the hemp plant, CBD represents a natural oil that has been shown to have positive benefits to some health problems and syndromes. Considered a natural way of improving sleep, helping with anxiety, and preventing seizures, the benefits of the product were also visible in concentration and focus.

So does CBD oil help with focus and concentration? Its direct effect is debated but there are signs that it can help. If you’re studying for an exam, for example, CBD may allow you to feel less anxious, more alert and also help to alleviate pain symptoms.

Given the extremely low risk of using CBD, it’s a great idea to use it for better concentration due to all of the reported benefits.


What type of CBD is best for focus?

In the case of CBD oil, there are many different products out there but they all ultimately aim for the same outcome. The benefits of CBD don’t vary from one brand to the next but their quality and production can change.

In the case of focus and concentration there are many great oils out there but many other brilliant ways you can consume CBD such as cookies, protein bars, gummies, and even more. That’s to go with the more common methods such as vaping and capsules.

Does CBD help mental clarity?

Using cannabidiol oil has shown that people can clear their mind and relaxes faster, also it was shown as a good focus booster.  CBD improves the body’s endocannabinoid system perception and calms the nerves.

Benefits on the body are that it can improve energy, mental clarity, and ability to concentrate while not having any health risks or complications. People were seen having a better time processing stressful situations and having clearer action-taking abilities.

Is CBD oil good for studying?

CBD can help improve hormonal levels associated with attention span and overall better concentration, influencing directly the serotonin and dopamine level of the body, it can help people relax and therefore it can help students learn better.

It reduces stress and anxiety while providing better circulation in the muscle to improve relaxation. Using it as an oil, or in a bath can help reduce stress and provide a clearer mind that will help with studying.

The level of cortisol, the stress hormone, was also observed to decrease after CBD products were used, relieving the person from stress and overall boosting mental capabilities.


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7 Facts You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy CBD

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