CBD Crystals: Discover A Potent And Versatile Way Of Consuming CBD

CBD Crystals: Discover A Potent And Versatile Way Of Consuming CBD
CBD crystals, also referred to as crystalline CBD or CBD isolate, are among the most versatile forms of CBD. They are the purest form of CBD, offering a concentration of up to 99%. Due to their versatility, crystals can be eaten, spread on the skin, dabbed, or vaped.

What is crystalline CBD?

Shelves and online shops have been offering an increasing selection of CBD products: tinctures, oils, edibles, capsules, pills, vapes, and e-juices among others. All these CBD products are geared toward specific consumption methods. Some people prefer to vape their CBD, while others would like to use it sublingually.

What distinguishes crystalline CBD from other products is the fact it can be used in all these ways. Tasteless and odourless, it is the perfect way to introduce CBD to your life.

Just as important, they contain no THC, so they have no undesired psychoactive effects, nor do you risk a false positive in the event you’re tested for drugs.

How are CBD crystals made?

Like anything else in the CBD world, CBD isolate is produced from the industrial hemp plant.

CBD crystals also come from the hemp plant.

The initial process is similar to the one used for all CBD products: the flowers of the hemp plant are carefully collected and then dried and processed to extract the CBD that is locked in them. The most common extraction processes are either ethanol or CO2 extraction.

For most CBD products, the usual extraction processes are sufficient to obtain CBD oil which is then used in various products. At this stage, the CBD obtained contains CBD, terpenes, some other cannabinoids, and traces of THC.

In order to get CBD isolate, the process requires an extra-purification step to produce pure CBD with no other compounds in it.

The CBD is put through a winterization process to remove all waxes and oil residues from the plant. It is then further refined through a process known as chromatography, which removes any residual chlorophyll or other compounds.

The end product is CBD crystals that contain up to 99% of CBD.

CBD crystals are often referred to as CBD isolate since the final product contains isolated CBD without any of the other cannabinoids, terpenes, or compounds. They are also known as crystalline CBD because they resemble a sugar-like powder.

What do CBD crystals look like?

CBD crystals look exactly like crystals or like a crystalline powder. They are soft and powdery and can be used in many various mixtures and combinations.

What are the particular characteristics of CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are pure CBD and contain nothing else. They are perfect for consumers wishing to experiment with pure CBD without any additions.

They are very versatile and can be used in several ways, including eating, dabbing, vaping, and even local application.

Eating CBD crystals

CBD crystals are versatile because you can put them into your food. They are odourless and tasteless.

Users can put their CBD crystals in food since they are odourless and tasteless. They will not modify the taste of foods or drinks while still providing their beneficial effects.

CBD crystals can be mixed with various high-fat carrier oils such as olive oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, or coconut oil to make an oily mixture. This mixture can then be added to foods and dishes or can be eaten as such.

CBD crystals can also be mixed with cheese (especially soft cheese), milk, or other drinks. Many people use them to make chocolates since CBD crystals are dissolved in cocoa.

The only thing to remember is that CBD loses part of its potency if heated at high temperatures. Temperatures of up to 160 to 180 °C (320-356 °F) are suitable; anything above that can cause CBD to lose its unique features.

Mixing CBD crystals with topical creams

Some people wish to apply CBD locally.

The versatility of CBD crystals makes them easy to mix with creams, thus creating your own CBD topical cream. When you spread it on your skin, the skin will start absorbing the CBD through the pores and enter your bloodstream.

How do you use CBD dab crystals?

Many users choose to dab or vape CBD crystals.

In the case of dabbing, consumers need to purchase the appropriate equipment such as a dab rig which also contains a torch, a nail, a dab tool, and a water pipe. The way a dab rig works is that users heat the nail for 30 to 60 seconds and then place a tiny amount of CBD crystals on the heated nail. Once heated, the CBD crystals start vaporizing and can be inhaled.

The benefits of dabbing and inhaling are that the CBD bypasses the liver and the digestive system and enters the bloodstream directly through the lung capillaries. The effects of CBD are almost immediate and the bioavailability (the amount of CBD that is actually absorbed by the body) is higher compared to other methods of taking CBD.

Dab rigs can be burdensome and difficult to move around. They are also rather conspicuous when dabbing in public. That’s why people often opt for a dab pen. Similar to vape pens, dab pens are a portable and discreet way of dabbing. They have batteries and coils. CBD crystals are put on the coil which is then heated; once it starts vaporizing, the user can inhale.

CBD crystals can also be used to vape CBD by mixing them into their existing e-juices and vaping them with their vape pens.

What are the benefits of CBD crystals?

CBD crystals offer several benefits compared to other methods of consumption, particularly due to their versatility and purity.

CBD crystals are easy to dose

1 gr of CBD crystals is approximately 1 gr of CBD as this is the purest form of CBD.

When using CBD crystals, there is no need for complicated calculations about dosage. Since they are 99% pure CBD, 1 gr of crystals contains pretty much 1 gr of CBD.

Most people trying CBD are advised to start with a low dosage varying between 1 gr to 10 gr per day. CBD crystals are practical for people just starting with CBD products and who want to be sure about the dosage and the amount of CBD they are trying.  

They contain no THC

CBD crystals contain no THC—not even traces of it.

UK law allows for 0.2% of THC in CBD products. However, people who need to undergo strict drug tests for their work will want to ensure that no trace of THC is found during their tests. Experimenting with CBD crystals is the safest option for them as any THC has been completely removed from the end product.

They are tasteless and odourless

CBD crystals are tasteless and odourless, without any scent or bitter aftertaste. They can safely be mixed with food without altering the initial flavours.

What are the drawbacks of CBD crystals?

While CBD crystals are practical, versatile, and safe to use, they also have some drawbacks. The most significant ones concern the very thing that makes them so practical: their lack of any other cannabinoids and terpenes.

They lack the ‘entourage effect’

The industrial hemp plant naturally contains more than 100 cannabinoids, terpenes, and other potentially beneficial compounds. CBD is just one of many such cannabinoids, albeit the most studied one.

Studies have shown that CBD can be more efficient when consumed along with other natural compounds of the hemp plant. This is called the entourage effect.

By choosing CBD crystals, users can miss out on the rest of the features of the hemp plant.

CBD crystals can be expensive

CBD crystals can be expensive, due to their purity and difficult manufacture process.

Due to their intense extraction process and the fact that they contain pure CBD, CBD crystals can be expensive to purchase.

However, exactly because they are pure, this means that a small quantity will last longer and have a stronger potential effect.

How to choose CBD crystals

The CBD world contains serious and professional producers as well as maverick ones. When purchasing CBD crystals, consumers should be careful to look for the following:

  • Organic CBD: it is always best to choose organic CBD. The hemp plant is renowned for its ability to clean soils from heavy soils and pesticides. Any CBD produced from such hemp may include harmful materials. Organic CBD makes sure that you do not put harmful substances in your body.
  • Pesticide-free: no consumer would want to put pesticides in their body. Therefore, choosing pesticide-free CBD is the safest and healthiest choice.
  • Ask for lab tests: because no regulatory body is overseeing CBD manufacturers and producers, it is up to each manufacturer to abide by health and quality standards. Manufacturers who display lab tests proving the purity and quality of their CBD crystals are more trustworthy and dependable.
  • Good Manufacturing Practice stamp: this is the minimum standard for medicines manufacturers. Although CBD is not a medicine, several manufacturers follow these guidelines to make sure their CBD products are safe and contain quality ingredients.

CBD crystals: versatile and easy to use

CBD crystals are the purest form of CBD.

They are versatile and easy to use and make dosing painless and simple. Because they contain no THC, they are safe to use even by people who are asked to take drug tests on a regular basis.

However, their purity also means they lack the rest of the compounds and substances found in the hemp plant. Therefore, they offer no entourage effect. Although it is still unknown what the various cannabinoids and terpenes in the hemp plant do, studies suggest they could be beneficial when consumed along with CBD.

Still, for many people, CBD crystals can be the safest choice when experimenting with CBD, whether eaten, drunk, inhaled, applied locally, or vaped.


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7 Facts You Need To Know BEFORE You Buy CBD

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