Top 12 Reasons Why CBD Is So Popular

Top 12 Reasons Why CBD Is So Popular

It’s practically impossible to avoid seeing or hearing about CBD nowadays. There are so many products out there that contain CBD, from edibles, gummies, pills, and capsules, to topical creams, mattresses, vapes, and even clothes, it’s impossible to miss them. So, why has CBD become so trendy and people are experimenting with it?

Here are the top 12 reasons why CBD is such a familiar sight anywhere you look.

1.      Botanical compound

People are turning towards more natural and holistic compounds for natural health and wellness. CBD is produced from industrial hemp and undergoes some processing to extract the CBD from the leaves and flowers of the plant but overall, it’s a plant-based ingredient. People are more willing to include such a botanical ingredient in their diet to achieve better health and wellness.

For people seeking alternatives to traditional medication, CBD offers a plant-based option that appeals to them.

2.      It’s not psychoactive

Since the 1930s and until recently, CBD was bundled together with THC and other marijuana derivatives and was illegal. It has only been a few years that researchers and policymakers have accepted the fact that CBD is not psychoactive or hallucinogenic.

CBD works in a different way than THC and doesn’t cause the high associated with marijuana. It’s not addictive and is generally well-tolerated by the body. This means that people of all ages can try it out to see whether it fits their expectations and lifestyle.

3.      It’s adaptable

CBD comes in many sizes and shapes. There are four main ways to get CBD: eating it, vaping it, applying it to the skin, and taking it sublingually, by putting it under the tongue.

When it comes to ingestible CBD, there are almost endless ways to take it. You can cook with CBD or have it in a smoothie or spread. People are experimenting with cocktails and drinks as well as CBD-infused water.

CBD is so versatile and adaptable that most people find it easy to introduce it to their life and wellness routine.

4.      It comes in many different doses and types

One size doesn’t fit all — and CBD products are here to prove that.

Besides coming in many shapes, CBD also comes in many sizes and doses. CBD products come in various strengths; something that helps users customize their dosage to find what works best for their specific needs. 

Some people like one large dose early in the morning to boost their brain. Others prefer to take it before going to bed. Yet others choose to micro-dose CBD throughout the day with smaller doses to keep the CBD levels in their bloodstream steady. There are so many CBD products and strengths out there, that adapting the dosage to your needs is very easy.

Also, CBD comes in different types.

There is full-spectrum CBD if you want the full wellness of the hemp plant, including terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins, and cannabinoids such as CBC, CBDA, CBG, and CBN. Full-spectrum CBD also contains trace amounts of THC which are naturally found in hemp — CBD products sold in the UK must contain less than 0.2% of THC per dry weight, which means it’s untraceable.

If you are concerned about even these minute quantities of THC, broad-spectrum CBD contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of hemp but no THC. And if you want a full boost of pure CBD, there is CBD isolate, which only contains pure CBD. 

It’s easy to choose the CBD dose and type of product that best fits your needs and expectations.

5.      It’s legal

While THC and marijuana are still illegal in the UK, as they have been classified as Class B substances since 2009, CBD is fully legal. As such, it is sold as a food supplement and is available in physical and online stores.

CBD not being a medication, the NHS has not issued any recommended daily allowance. It’s up to consumers to gauge how much CBD they want or need to take. People typically start with a low dosage of 10 to 15 mg CBD per day and increase that slowly over a few days. Discuss CBD with your GP first, in case CBD interacts with existing medication you might be on.

6.      Public endorsement

The growing body of research supporting CBD’s efficacy and safety is reassuring to new users and helps reduce the stigma associated with cannabis-derived products. Public endorsements from celebrities and influencers have also played a significant role in normalizing CBD use. This has increased the compound’s visibility in mainstream culture and made it more commonplace and acceptable to hesitant consumers.

Increased media attention and positive reports on CBD’s benefits have contributed to its rising popularity and mainstream acceptance.

7.      It has anti-inflammatory qualities

Although CBD is not yet a medication that can be taken to relieve inflammation and related pains, many people take CBD to ward off inflammation. Indeed, 71% of people taking CBD do so as a treatment for pain.

Preliminary research is showing that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. This is promising for inflammatory conditions like occasional back pain and post-workout muscle aches.

Research is also showing that people with fibromyalgia are substituting CBD for their conventional pain medication. The main reason they do so is to avoid the side effects of their prescribed medication, which often includes opioids. Most people do so to manage their pain more effectively and because they are experiencing unpleasant side effects with their other medication. Participants who switched to CBD witnessed ‘larger improvements in health, pain, memory, and sleep.’

8.      It may help boost mood

Findings suggest that CBD interacts with brain neurotransmitters and may help people with social anxiety, anxiety, and depression. An impressive 38% of Britons who take CBD do so to manage depression and anxiety. 

Evidence is showing that CBD may help with social anxiety and other types of anxiety disorders like ‘generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder when administered acutely’ — although more research is required to fully establish how and if that works.

Still, people looking for a way to relax their brains and help them recover from a difficult day often turn to CBD. Many people also take CBD to prepare themselves mentally for a difficult day ahead. In a fast-paced and often stressful world, the prospect of a natural remedy for anxiety is highly attractive to many people.

9.      Even pets can take it

All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is the way CBD interacts with the human body. And that includes dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and other common four-legged companions.

With CBD products specifically formulated for dogs and cats available, many pet owners are giving their pets CBD to help them with issues such as anxiety. Pet owners also give CBD to their dogs to manage pain.

Pets with separation anxiety or with occasional pains and aches often benefit from CBD. However, it’s unlikely that CBD can fix the underlying issue causing the discomfort in most cases, so you still need to talk to your vet!

10. It may help with sleep

According to research, 24% of people in Britain who take CBD do so to improve their sleep. Even though research is still inconclusive regarding a direct link between CBD and sleep, most people who take it for that purpose experience its relaxing effect, which ultimately helps with a good night’s sleep.

11. To support cognitive health

As the British population grows older, many people are concerned about neurological conditions and cognitive health. Conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and multiple sclerosis are becoming more common as people live longer lives.

People looking for ways to support cognitive health and potentially ward off neurodegenerative diseases often take CBD for its neuroprotective properties. Findings for Alzheimer’s were highly promising when experimenting on mice, but mixed for Parkinson’s. 

As CBD has very few side effects and is plant-based, people are willing to experiment with it, hoping it may help keep their cognitive senses in good shape. 

12. Skin health

Did you know that the human skin is our largest organ? We often neglect skin and take it for granted but it’s our first defence against intruders.

CBD topicals have entered the cosmetics and skincare industry, taking advantage of the compound’s potential to moisturize and strengthen the skin so it defends itself against inflammation. With products as varied as CBD bath bombs and sunscreen with CBD, everyone can now add an extra layer of moisturizing to their daily skincare routine.

CBD is becoming increasingly popular

The CBD market is growing steadily in the UK: it was worth £690 million in 2022 and is expected to keep growing in the coming years. Major retailers now carry CBD products on their shelves, which shows how mainstream it has become. People are expecting to find them during their regular shopping trips.

There are many reasons why CBD has become so popular in the UK but the main one is that people are now getting more information about it. With more research and findings being published daily and anecdotal evidence being positive and promising, a lot of people are willing to try CBD to improve their sense of wellness and well-being.

If you are one of them, check out our reviews for the best UK CBD oil brands and the best UK CBD stores to ensure that you get the purest, safest CBD products!

Nicholas C. Rossis

Nicholas Rossis, PhD is a specialized, NSF-trained writer who has written hundreds of posts on CBD and nutritional supplements. His work combines critical acclaim with the analysis of the latest news, studies, research, and legal developments in the world of CBD, providing readers with valuable data and insights.

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