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  • Unique products including CBD pouches
  • Very reasonably priced with free shipping available
  • Third-party lab results clearly published on website


  • Limited range of products with only oil, spray and pouches available

V&YOU Review – a youthful brand that champions freedom and choice, V&YOU has taken on the task to enhance people’s daily vibe by offering them high quality CBD products.

They also claim to be the leading wholesale distributor of CBD oil products in Britain.  

Therefore, it was only natural for us to take on these claims and do a full V&YOU review for your benefit. It’s time to find out more details about this CBD brand.

At A Glance:

V&YOU Review

The first thing we need to talk about is V&YOU’s range of products. They do not offer the widest selection of CBD products on the British market.

The reason for that is the fact that they have chosen to focus on their unique CBD pouches and nicotine pouches.

As a result, we could fairly call this brand a niche one. Here are some more interesting things about them.

  • The company was founded by Titus Wouda Kuipers, Ged Shudall, and Markus Bonke in 2019. Their goal was to provide easily accessible and high-quality CBD products that people could use to ” enhance their daily vibe” in their own words. 
  • The CBD used in all of their products is extracted and sourced in Europe and the USA. 
  • When it comes to the nicotine they use for their pouches, according to the brand’s claims, it comes from special cultures in Switzerland. 
  • As per their own statements, all of the brand’s CBD products do not have any THC. 
  • V&YOU publishes its third-party lab results on its official website for all its CBD and nicotine products in an effort to be as transparent and open about its manufacturing process as possible. 
  • The brand claims to be the best and most popular wholesale provider of CBD oil products on the British market. 

This V&YOU review is off to a great start since there are so many things to look forward to if you decide to become their customer. Should that be the case, here is some much needed information for your orders.

Free UK Shipping
On All Orders

Fast Delivery
2-3 Business Days

14-Day Returns
For Unused Products

We agree that there are a lot of things to enjoy about V&YOU. But the only way for this V&YOU review to be objective is to make a traditional pro and cons list about their CBD products. Let’s break it down.

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V&YOU Strengths

One of the things you will enjoy the most about V&YOU is the fact that they offer a unique product on the British CBD market. They are called CBD pouches and represent a very special way of indulging in your daily dose of CBD that no other brand offers.  

This CBD product consists of tiny pouches that you must place under your lip to absorb the CBD.

According to the brand’s claims, this is a very simple and easy way to enjoy your CBD fix anytime and anywhere. As a result, the CBD pouches are both versatile and very discreet. This is where their appeal lies. 

Another major strength of this brand is the fact that they offer free shipping. You might be delighted to find out that this applies to every single product in their range and to every order no matter how big or small it may be.  

However, there is a caveat. Free shipping means that your order will arrive by Royal Mail and that it will take two to three business days, according to V&YOU. You can also opt to have your order delivered by Courier. 

As per their own statements, your order should arrive on the same day if you place it before 3 PM, and the next day if you place it after 3 PM. However, please note that shipping via Courier is not free. It costs £4.99. 

One of the biggest pros that might make you choose the V&YOU brand as a customer is their love of transparency when it comes to the production of their CBD products.

The company has published its third-party lab results on their official website, making it very easy for everyone to check them out. 

According to their own claims, the company has worked with a lab called Eos Scientific, an established compliance partner that has supported them in testing and developing their CBD products.

V&YOU Weaknesses

The first thing you notice when browsing the brand’s website, both as a customer and when building a V&YOU review is the following. The company does not offer a wide range of products. Their entire line consists of their CBD pouches, CBB oil drops, and CBD oil sprays. 

They also offer some nicotine pouches, but they do not make the object of this CBD review.  

You can view this both in a good and in a negative way. On the one hand, it can be a con since you may not find all the products you need in one place. Especially if you’re interested in other types of CBD products such as edibles, vaping liquids, or CBD cosmetics. 

However, this can also be construed as a positive thing since it may be proof that the brand has focused mostly on its fairly unique invention – the CBD pouches.

Products Available

As we’ve already mentioned in this V&YOU review, the brand has a rather small but very unique product range. So, let’s go over the CBD products they have to offer in a few more details.

V&YOU & Chill CBD Pouches

V&YOU CBD Pouches

The star of the V&YOU line of products is their CBD pouches. The brand describes them as small pouches that you must place under your lip. As they sit there, you will be able to enjoy up to 45 minutes of CBD pleasure, according to the brand’s claims.  

The CBD pouches come in a round box, but they are individually wrapped, to make each use even simpler, safer, and healthier. 

Not only that but you have three options when it comes to this product. You can purchase a single CBD pouch, a pack of five, which will save you 10% off the original price, or a pack of 10, which should save you 15%. 

When it comes to CBD strength, V&YOU claims that you will be getting 20mg of CBD per pouch. Every box has 15 CBD infused pouches. You also have a choice when it comes to the flavour of this unique product. You can choose between mint, what the brand calls natura, citrus, and berry.  

One box of V&YOU CBD pouches costs £9.99. At the moment of writing this V&YOU review, the product is on sale, down from £14.99. 

If you want to try some of the brand’s other products, you can also shop for their CBD oil drops. One of the things you will enjoy the most about this CBD product is the fact that it has one of the lowest prices on the British market. A 30ml bottle retails for £9.99. 

You can purchase it in two different strengths –  a 10 ml bottle with 400mg of CBD and a 30ml bottle with 1200mg of CBD.  

According to the brand, the 10ml bottle comes with a spray or a dropper for ease of use. The flavours are exactly the same as for the CBD pouches – mint, citrus, berry, and natura. 

The third product in V&YOU’s CBD line is its CBD Oil Spray, which also retails for £9.99 and comes in the exact same four flavours. You can buy the CBD oil spray in only one strength – 400mg of CBD. 

V&YOU Reviews

Good taste, good portion size and compact. Good effect of the CBD aswell. I really enjoyed this CBD product.

Robert via 5-Star review on the V&YOU website

10ml size and spray top is brilliant for popping into your bag to take to work and the mint flavour doubles as a breath freshener its so nice

Robert H. via 5-Star review on the V&YOU website

Is V&YOU Safe?

The V&YOU official website presents a disclaimer that they urge you to take into account before you purchase or start using any of their products. The company would like you to know that none of the products in their line should be used to cure, diagnose, prevent, or treat any kind of disease. 

At the same time, they ask you not to replace your current medication or information from your therapist with the products or information you can see on their official website.  

With this advice in mind, and seeing how much care and responsibility the brand has put into creating high-quality and safe products, we see no issue in recommending V&YOU to you. 

The brand has dedicated itself to producing premium CBD products meant for the well being of its customers that are supposed to improve their lifestyle and cater to their needs.

Apart from that, the brand is very transparent when it comes to the sourcing of their CBD products and to their third-party lab results which you can read on their official website.

V&YOU Discount Code

V&YOU discount code

If you subscribe to V&YOU’s email list, you can get 10% off your first order. At the same time, at the moment of writing this V&YOU review, some of the products are also on sale. This means that you should keep an eye on their website for further discounts on selected products.  

The brand also offers 5% and 10% discounts if you purchase packs of 5 or 10 products instead of singles. They also offer discounts for first-time shoppers. For example, you can get 33% off on CBD Pouches, making them £5.

Moreover, seeing as they describe themselves as the number one wholesale retailer of CBD oil products in Britain, they are also able to provide significant discounts if you choose to buy wholesale from them. However, if you are interested in these types of deals and discounts, you will have to contact them personally to discuss an offer. 

V&YOU Review – Summary

The V&YOU brand has created one of the most interesting and definitely unique products on the British CBD market – CBD pouches.

A sleek and versatile product that allows you to indulge in your CBD consumption in a very discreet yet enjoyable way. Not only that, but V&YOU also offers free shipping on all of their products, which is surely something all customers will appreciate.

While it is true that they do not offer the widest range of products on the market, we believe that their unique CBD products and their free shipping will surely make you want to check them out

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