When Is the Best Time to Take CBD?

When Is the Best Time to Take CBD?

CBD consumers have plenty of questions that need answers: how can CBD help my health? Which CBD product is the best? How much CBD should I take? When should I take my CBD?

Because CBD is a relatively new product, there is a lot that people want to learn. Once you decide that you want to establish a CBD routine, you may wonder what’s the best time of the day to take your CBD.

The NHS has not issued any recommended daily dosage nor have they suggested a routine plan for CBD consumption. It rests on people and their daily routine to find when CBD works the best for them, especially since it depends on the desired effect and what you are taking CBD for.

It could take a little bit of trial and error to find the best time to take CBD, but here is a guide with some helpful guidelines on CBD consumption and how to introduce it into your daily schedule.

Think about your needs

Why do you need CBD? It’s good to ask ourselves that question because it can define how and when we take our CBD supplement.

Both CBD studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that it may help with mood, inflammation, chronic pain, and sleep patterns.

If you want to take CBD to assist you with sleep, it may be best to take it a little bit before going to bed so that you slowly relax and unwind your mind.

If, on the other hand, you plan on CBD’s ability to relax your nerves and help you with social anxiety during the day, taking it in the morning means that CBD will work its effectiveness from the beginning of your day.

Taking CBD in the morning

Why should you take CBD in the morning? If you dread the day ahead or if your day is filled with meetings or demanding tasks that stress you, take your CBD when you wake up.

Improve your alertness and productivity

CBD may improve your alertness and make you more wakeful and attentive. As CBD works through your body, it may calm your mind and help you better manage your day.

CBD may also help with brain fog and wake up your mind in a gentle way. Specifically, it may help your brain focus on your day without the stress and anxiety you usually feel and it’s a great way to stay geared towards being productive. CBD may thus help you overcome your stress in a mindful and mellow way.

Include CBD in your breakfast

If you like to include your CBD in your breakfast, you can prepare a smoothie or a spread with CBD oil and enjoy it. Remember that CBD likes healthy fats so think of yoghurt, avocado, milk, and cream cheese as mediums to take your CBD and enhance its bioavailability.

Otherwise, you can take a CBD capsule or pill, which is easy and discreet. If you want to top up your dosage during the day, pills and capsules come in handy.

CBD during the day

CBD for an energy boost

If you want to have the necessary energy boost and alertness throughout the day, you can take some CBD during the day. It may help you maintain your positive and productive demeanour and keep you going with your daily activities.

CBD for workout

CBD may help with workouts and exercise to lessen the strain on muscles and joints. You can adjust the time you take your CBD depending on when you have planned for your workout session. If you exercise during the day, give your CBD two hours to take full effect.

Some people like to take their CBD right before their workout so that it starts working when they have finished their exercise practice and they need a muscle relaxant and something to unwind. CBD will kick in just when they need it.

CBD for busy afternoons

For people who have busy evenings with children’s activities or even with work, CBD during the day can make the whole difference. They may manage their late afternoon in a more positive and constructive way and fulfil all their obligations without feeling exhausted and stressed.

CBD for migraines

Migraines appear to be caused by neuro-inflammation and CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Some people take CBD to alleviate their migraines and lessen their impact. When you feel that a migraine is around the corner, perhaps CBD can help you with the pain.

CBD in the evening or before going to bed

CBD bath bombs before bed

There is nothing more relaxing than a CBD bath. If you can afford the luxury of a bath before going to bed, treat yourself to CBD bath bombs and soak in the wellness of CBD through your skin.

CBD to relax before bed

Even if you don’t have the time or are not in the mood for a long bath, CBD in the evening may help unwind from a busy day and gently relax you before going to bed.

CBD for better sleep

Many people take CBD to improve their sleep patterns and have restful nights. Research suggests that CBD may help with sleep schedules because it relaxes us and gives our minds the necessary space to unwind. In this case, it’s best to take CBD a couple of hours before you go to bed so that it’s at its full potential by the time you turn off the lights.

If you like vaping CBD, then half an hour before bed is the perfect time for your vape to take effect and help you relax and un-stress. Let CBD calm your nerves and release your mind from anxious thoughts.

Microdosing CBD

As for dosage, CBD is highly versatile, which makes it very adaptable to your needs. There is no single dosage and method of consumption that fits all consumption groups. It is useful to start with a low dosage and slowly adjust the quantity and frequency of consumption until you have reached your expected goals.

Some people like to microdose on CBD. Their goal is to keep the CBD level in their bloodstream consistent throughout the day, without troughs and peaks.

Instead of taking one large dosage of CBD, they divide their daily intake into smaller doses, which they take at regular intervals. When the first CBD dose is slowly dissipating, a new one comes in to keep the body going. It’s a virtuous circle of CBD levels in the body and many people find this beneficial and helpful.

Remember that CBD may be biphasic

Research suggests that CBD may be biphasic, which means that it has different effects if it’s taken in small or large doses.

In small doses, for example, CBD may help with mental focus. It may thus help people to tackle their day in the most productive way.

CBD in large doses, on the other hand, is relaxing and may help the brain calm down from its thoughts. If you like to take large doses of CBD, you should do so at night because you will probably feel relaxed and drowsy, which is the perfect feeling before going to bed.

Consider CBD’s potential in your body

Besides when you take your CBD and how much you take of it, how you consume it also matters.

Ingestible CBD

Ingestible CBD like CBD gummies, oils, drinks and foods have to pass through the digestive system before they start taking effect. That means it takes 2 hours from the moment you take your CBD until you start feeling its effect.

Vaping CBD

Vaping CBD is almost instantaneous because it bypasses the digestive system and enters your body through the lung capillaries and reaches the bloodstream immediately. It takes up to 30 minutes for vaped CBD to maximize its potential.

Sublingual CBD

Sublingual CBD is put under the tongue for 30 to 60 seconds where it’s absorbed by the tongue capillaries. Again, this method circumvents the digestive system and enters the bloodstream relatively fast.

Topical CBD

As for topical CBD products, their effect is localized and takes hours to materialize because the skin’s seven layers are quite formidable defences.

When you are trying to establish your CBD routine, you must include the way you like taking your CBD in your mental equation.

You can mix and match CBD products throughout the day

With such an immense selection of CBD products, it is very easy to adjust your CBD consumption to your needs.

Mix and match CBD products and introduce them to your daily routine to make the most of them. For example, you can take CBD pills in the morning, continue with some CBD chocolate chip cookies during the day, and finish your evening with a nice cuppa of delicious CBD tea.Check out our guide for choosing your CBD, choose a CBD brand with good reviews, and explore CBD’s wide range of products to maximize your wellness!

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